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Friday, December 27, 2013

"I'm so sorry"

I wasn't sure on how to write this post after returning a day early from our Christmas holiday. I even struggled for a title. We were sick the whole time away. The relentless flu went through our family one by one, all night, every night and all day long. We went with another family, dear friends of ours that managed to escape our pandemic, I think. Even as I write I have two still very sick children. I don't have a story for this post. I was going to write about some of our highlights, and some of our drama but when I returned home to find out a local family we know lost their six year old son in the early morning on the 26th, I am at a loss for words. A happy healthy little boy fell asleep and never awoke. Having a semi-horrible Christmas for us is nothing to write or complain about. There is so many individuals suffering from loss and life is so unpredictable. It completely saddens me as I can't comprehend the pain a parent goes through loosing their child. It brings my attention to all the unnecessary drama that people create in their life, in their friends and families lives. I'm definitely surrounded by it. I constantly question why? We all are people trying to succeed, love and continually search for some peace to be together. I know a lot of "drama" is created because of ignorance and the lack of experience but when the day is done - what did or does an argument with one another accomplish? People are passing away daily. Losses we will all feel eventually. When that happens we can't take back what was said, what was done during that day........the people left living have to live with their last words given. Shouldn't that be simply, "I love you" Shouldn't that day always remain memorable in a positive way knowing that it could be the last? Shouldn't we work together, succeed together and live without conflict with one another? I'm human. I'm guilty of many things - I'm guilty for not saying, "I love you" enough. I don't know what it feels like to loose a child, nor loose a parent. I haven't experienced this - I dread the day I loose someone I love. My heart goes out to everyone that has. I'm at a loss of words knowing a little boy just passed away in my community. I'm speechless knowing on how many others have passed away and continue as our world is relentless like the flu. You will never know when it's your turn, and whose turn is next - so please treat people with only love and a kind heart. Cherish what you have before it's too late. I'm adding a fundraising link for the family who lost their son this Christmas, to help them financially during their time of grieving. Please if you can, donate - support is needed. Unfortunately hearing and/or experiencing loss is a horrible reminder on showing us what's important. RIP is a commonly used abbreviation that doesn't help the pain who suffer, there is no words that can be said after loosing a child. I always write, live as if it was your last day, or heaven for bid - your child's.......we really really need too and I'm deeply sorry for everyone who has lost.

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