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Sunday, December 29, 2013

"2013 Reflection"

Have you tried to reflect back starting from January of last year? Wondering if you accomplished everything you've set out to do? I reflect back every New Years. Questioning myself what I can improve, change or experience within the New Year. Not a resolution - they never work . Just what can we do differently that we haven't tried. 2014 is an even year with my favorite number 14. I'm hoping that means something. It shall be interesting.....for now our 2013 reflection!

Last January I turned the big 40. I went and pierced my nose on my birthday. A spontaneous decision on my part that I still love today. We had a flood in our basement and we lost many items, especially books. They didn't survive the water. One of the biggest highlights of last January was our littlest daughter getting her new adapted trike!

In February I really started getting into fitness. I joined my sisters boot camp. Daily I headed to my favorite little spot, Notch hill. One of our sons turned 10. Two of our daughters donated their hair to Locks of love. Our family was featured in AFABC's Love Note and our littlest daughter was hospitalized for the first time in 2013.

March was a big month consisting of spring break with daily travels and an early Easter. One of our daughters turned 13 and one of our sons turned 19. March was a huge hospital month for our littlest daughter including Children's. The biggest event was reconnecting and flying our second oldest daughter home.

In April we had three birthdays, one daughter turned 13, our oldest daughter turned 23 and our one son turned 7. I became a grandma, we through a successful baby shower while our oldest daughter traveled Central America. At one point during our daughters travels, I thought I was going to fly out and retrace her every step thinking that something happened to her! To finish April our family participated in the MS run.


May was beautiful. I went hiking and found the Sacred Waterfall. Our one son turned 13, while another son turned 11. We visited the hospital again but not with our littlest daughter this time, it was with one of our sons who broke his arm during a basketball game at school.


During the month of June some of my sons and I hiked Mt. Benson. I participated in a school camping trip to Hornby Island and during Father's Day we all as a family hiked out to the Sacred Waterfall while bombarding Red Robbins for dinner afterwords! We wrapped up homeschooling with a trip to Butchard Gardens and the Monster trucks. In June I officially lost my car.....a funny story while waiting for my one sons neuro-assessment to be completed. I parked my car and went for a run. I didn't pay attention to where I parked it. Some suburban community. I'm sure our Neurologist talks about the day we looked for my car.....while I asked her for my own assessment to be completed - we both laughed after the stress released finding it parked where I left it!

July was camping with no fridge. Just coolers. We camped with friends at Elk Falls and we camped at our usual place, Comox lake. One of our sons turned 13, another son turned 5 and our littlest daughter turned 6. My husband turned 45! Towards the end of July we met another large "great" family living up north. They were visiting the Island, we had a weenie roast and celebrated finally meeting each other!

During August I hiked Della Falls with my one son, sister and niece. It was the toughest hike I've done but well worth it, even the blood infection that developed in my leg from blisters was worth that hike! Beautiful. My husband and I had our 14th Anniversary on August 14th, we have been together for 16 years. Another son turned 15. We continued with day trips, including camping an evening with friends on Hornby Island. To wrap up August I went shopping in the States. (I think) If my memory remembers it correctly! lol

September was a very special month. We finally had our family portraits done. We had everyone together and it was a very memorable event for me. We are finished adopting. A family portrait just completed us. Our oldest son turned 20 and our second oldest daughter turned 18. During September I went on a road trip with my second oldest son moving him up north to Fort. St. John. During that trip I visited my husband's brother's family. I miss them very much! They have 15 children who I adore and miss everyday. The miles between us are too long, time moves too fast and during my visit seeing my nieces and nephews older reminded me on how fast time really is. Life and relationships should be cherished.

October I hiked the Snoqualmie Pass in the fog! I love going to the States! Even to hike! Thanksgiving was successful and I was thankful going out on a date with my husband! (It doesn't happen very often) To end the month we had a Halloween party here.

There was another hospital visit in November. Our littlest daughter fell ill again but the funny part is, the pediatrician found hidden broccoli in her ear. This hospital visit was nice because my daughter made an elderly man smile. After weeks of not smiling or talking at all. (I was told by his daughter) It was a special moment and it brought my attention back to that everything happens for a reason - even going to the hospital. There's always an alternative reason for everything, even if it starts out negative. We had two more birthdays, one of our sons turned 9 and our little man turned 2 already! One day in November we just drove, we finally reached our destination at the Birds of Prey then had dinner at a friends house.

December.....oh "Ho ho ho" it wasn't. We planned a Mt. Washington Christmas. It was a vomit fest underneath the mistle toe! We are still sick on Dec 29th! We have one soul survivor out of 17 people! We did have a successful Christmas party! Lots of adoptive families came out to celebrate the season and meet each other. We had a awesome talent show, and Santa was a BIG hit! There must have been 50-60 children that sat on Santa's lap! During December our two daughters donated their hair again to "Locks of Love" and finally after many, many, many years we purchased a convection double oven! It has made my life in the kitchen 100% better with time! During the cold streak, (minus 5 maybe) our main well pipe broke but with a handy dandy husband, it was fixed quickly!
During the holidays many people struggle financially and emotionally. My previous post written I meant. Cherish each other, and every day that you have. Life is too short and unpredictable to waste. We're all human, we all make mistakes and we will continue to make mistakes. If you asked me for my New Year resolution, it would be to continue to find out who I am, to continue to experience life, love and not to waste anymore time with nonsense.

Now my 2013 reflection is over. I look forward to 2014 and I will continue to share my life with you because I'm hoping that people don't feel alone with their challenges; I want to share not just for that one reason but to hopefully inspire to live one day at a time, and live your best life with any challenges. "We do" Have a happy healthy and safe New Year from the Hohnstein's!

2014 we welcome you!

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