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Monday, December 2, 2013

"I love"

Since I wrote last some of our family members became ill including me. We're finally mending but I'm completely sore. The tension in my body lately has been driving me crazy but the show must go on. Today (Monday) already December 2nd I have a lot to do. For now I'm not going to rant about my aches and pains. It's the least of our worlds problems. As we all are getting ready for another memorable Christmas, many people are suffering from their lost ones. There has been so many tragedies within our world, and in which continues on a daily basis that I feel that anything we endure is minimal. We all move forward with our lives, and our families but this Christmas I'm going to add a candle with hopefully a few minutes of silence to teach our children that as much as Christmas for them is all magical, there is millions of people suffering from their tragic losses. Losses that if we haven't felt, we will. Teaching my children to have respect outside from their own little world, to also realize that life isn't just a white magical place, is a necessary enlightenment they need to know and have. As I was in bed this weekend from a horrible flu or possible food poisoning, that's what I continually isn't just about the memorable events, it's about respecting the ones that are having a rough time and to realize we aren't alone when tragedy happens. I will admit that I get caught up with the holidays. I try very hard to make our children's holidays memorable, but I want to add something more.....I want our children to know while they're having a blast, that others aren't. So I've decided to make time for this as a tradition for our family. I want our children to know that life is unforeseen. We don't know and can't predict what's going to happen tomorrow, so taking one day at a time honouring life, and respecting ourselves and others is key to living. This goes back to when I write and preach about being kind to others regardless of their circumstances. It's a cold time of year either mentally or physically, and regardless if people pretend not to want some sort of acknowledgment, they do. Of course with your own safety in mind, drop off a warm lunch, a coat that no one wears in your house to someone on the street.......try to stay positive, give support when needed and my biggest preaching for our children is we're all the same, just our circumstances are different - so be kind. While I catch up on life today with my own sore body, I feel positive and good inside knowing what I believe, how I want to live and hopefully shine some light with not only my children but for others on caring for everyone. What I know for sure, enjoy your life and treasure the people you have within it; while adding the strangers that desperately need it too; while honouring and respecting the lives lost, and the families suffering. Live having respect and honour for all, this world would be a much better place starting today. "I love" two words to chant everyday!


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  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes. A feeling we know all too well. Thank you for sharing.x