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Friday, February 15, 2013

Mind Boggled, change and communication needs to happen NOW!

I've started writing. Then I stopped. I started again.......then I deleted. Mainly my focus this week has been all over the place. I can't seem to write about one specific topic. This week has been kind of mind boggling with the two house fires, and several other losses that has happened within one week. Plus adding Science projects, home school, on-going therapy appointments, some of our children on and off sick including myself, Valentines Day, organizing birthdays, continuous online school ordering, squeezing in doctor appointments and having issues with bullying. (I could have written a lot) This past week I questioned 2013.......what's going on? And I'm not questioning my ordinary day but within a day of everything adding all these losses......left me mind boggled. Two house fires - what are the odds of two families loosing their homes within one week in the same community!? All in our sons class. The suicide rate has escalated in our area, I have heard of four now since December. Fatal illnesses. I know, it's not necessarily my problem but I can not help feeling concerned. I've been thinking about bullying. We have bullying within our school.'s absolutely everywhere. It's something that won't change without ongoing action! What's frustrating me is the lack of communication once again within our schools. As a mother I know nothing. I know every child bullies from time to time. Our children too. We try as parents to educate our children about the importance of what bullying creates within someones self esteem, within their heart. It's just not teasing. That's what we do at home - educate.  At school, I know they have their anti-bullying awareness day. They try and educate throughout the year but I personally don't think it's enough. Every month there needs to be a education day about bullying, teasing, about our feelings. Almost a mandatory support day once a month, so children can release their feelings, their concerns and address the issue constantly. It's something that needs to be repetitive to work. Lately one of our sons is bullied. Bullied to the point he's becoming angry. I fear that when his anger escalates, he could harm someone. The bullier. Apparently the issue was resolved a few weeks back but it has not. I also haven't received the communication that I ask for all the time from our schools. This is where I'm constantly questioning, what will it take for continual education and support regarding bullying that pushes individuals limits to hurt others, and/or to hurt themselves? Suicides and homicides are escalating. This is one topic that should be on the utmost priority for our children's education. I would rather our children learn compassion for others before learning about what happened in world War 2! As a home school mother, I also know about the PLO's and the curriculum our children need to learn for graduation although this is formed through our government of education. It mind boggles me some of the useless curriculum they apparently "need" to learn while I believe their emotions within themselves aren't high on the priority list. It makes absolutely no sense. In order for bullying to minimize, so all children can feel confident as equals - there needs to be a repetitive, structured course added to the education curriculum that is designed strictly around bullying and the damages it creates. Our world is a hard enough place with floods, fires, illnesses and national disasters, we need to look after one another. So as I'm mind boggled this week questioning why........action needs to take place starting with our children at home and within our public schools. Push to add a curriculum based anti-bullying course starting in Kindergarten! Change doesn't happen by just talking about it. Everything has been changed from actions. One of my favorite quotes is, "Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi. Time for change needed to happen years ago............this is where I'm left mind boggled......"It's already been too late for some, when will it change?" We're discussing what our actions will be now.

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