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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Inner peace

Our weekend was uneventful being that one of our children were sick. Half of us (my other half) and five of our sons went BMX racing with no injuries! I'm never worried about our children getting injured, it's my other half I need to worry about! So as I've been house-bound, something I'm not too fond of, I did do some reading. I was reading an article about our "Inner Peace" and on how to relax during stressful situations. A stressful situation is an individual scenario so of course what's stressful to another, might not be to yourself. I was thinking about what gets me stressed.........of course illnesses with unknown reasons because I like to know the diagnoses to everything. Being house-bound doesn't help because I find my inner peace with nature. That's just my weekend - life really has its stresses especially raising a family. Funny, while I was reading this article it suggested counting your breaths. Actually I do this all the time. Not that I'm stressed all the time but when there's something like an over-bearing argumentative child that refuses to leave the room, I become silent. I breath slowly and deeply in and release. I've called that "sighing" This article called it, "Surviving red-alert emergencies" It works, it brings you to a calming place and releases whatever is lingering within your mind. Basically tricks your body into releasing calming neurohormones. What I like about this technique is while you're "deeply breathing" within yourself regardless in what situation and with whom its really have a sense of inner peace. I was thinking about an incident that happened years ago at the school, a ignorant father came to me with many choice words. The greatest power is silence I find. While this father was barking (stressing) I was just looking at him breathing calmly in and out. When he was done......he was probably suffering from a myocardial infarction. I personally felt I won the "situation" stating nothing. He left frustrated. Life isn't worth it. I promise breathing techniques with silence is the number one inner peace leaving others suffering from chest pain and/or stress induced migraines. A friend of mine started doing face yoga. I never heard of it. Although it makes sense. She's practicing face yoga to diminish or prevent wrinkles. Well......while reading about flexing and release, letting go of tension, I thought about face yoga. Clenching the muscles, stretching out your face by obviously making funny looking facial features, take a deep breath, hold it then release. I can see this relieving tension that builds within your head and temples causing migraines. It would be an interesting experiment doing this in front of your children while they're "barking" about something. (Ha ha) Although this is suppose to be done (I believe) by yourself so you're not looking like a complete loony tune! Further reading into this article I read about taking smoke breaks. Smokers have the right idea! They're taking a break. Stepping out. "Simply walking away from stressors for a few minutes can be one of the best practices for learning to handle daily pressures" - Kim Tranell. Of course this is just an example, you don't have to take up smoking. I tell my husband all the time - walk away - take a break. Everything I read today we already practice except for the face yoga. What will be funny (because I'm like that) is practicing face yoga in front of my kids! My idea other then venting; go for a run, a hike and enjoy something for yourself. Today because I couldn't do neither, I slipped in reading an article - now here I am writing about it. Writing (journaling) is another relaxation for me regardless if I do it well or not. Robbin Sheldon - "I scrapbook or make a card. It takes me to a place where my mind is beautiful. It is my meditation" Many look towards God. I do know there is times where a suitable technique works for that surprised moment where you need a release immediately. If you don't think you can establish inner peace - it can be that animal in your life, that cup of tea - that run outdoors releases tons of endorphins or try face yoga! While writing this post, one of my sons came to me complaining about something - I started stretching out my face. He stopped saying anything, he looked at me slightly weird and walked away. Ba ha ha ha - see techniques work and your inner peace can thrive!
"Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset" - St. Francis De Sales.

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