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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Already the second day of school and I've developed a routine to deliver some of our children to public school, started a home school routine while adding gym time. Last night I accomplished ordering some home school supplies such as novel studies and some science units while printing out free subscriptions from the Canadian reader. I was very proud of myself at 11:30pm at night having the next days course load ready to go! With a 7am start, I went to the local elementary school paying for already requested materials then ventured off to A gym I just started. This morning was very productive at the gym because Jim himself was instructing me on how to heal my left sciatic injury from a previous hip injury and we're developing a core body strengthening plan. Jim was excellent and without any added payments. With anything we try to accomplish in life, we need support. I will be the first to admit that with my dedication to my health, I need support with it and with Jim's expertise and support, I will dedicate myself to his establishment. I left feeling very good knowing a bit more on what to do for myself. Thank you Jim! He also explained depending on my dedication, we will start off at the beginning and take my strengthening plan as far as I want to go. I laughed stated, "I have tons of patience and I am a strong dedicated individual because after all I have many children" This is what I've decided for myself. Not only for myself, it's important for me to be healthy and strong for our littlest five year old daughter with Cerebral Palsy who currently doesn't walk. I want to transform myself for myself which develops my happy place but most importantly I need to remain strong. I have this vision.......all our children can participate in any physical activity. Our littlest daughter "might not" be able too. I have full faith that one day with her own independent dedication and supports she could walk but if by chance she never does, I want her to experience absolutely everything anyways. That's where I step in as her fully dedicated Mother. Recently I saw a article about a father that completed a triathlon carrying his thirteen year old daughter with CP so she could finish the event too. How inspiring that was for me to read! I thought, I need to continue to have a body transformation so I can help give our daughter her best life. So not only do I have several schools going including home school, loads and loads of laundry plus a home to maintain, children to feed - I have myself to take care of so I can continue to do all these things plus live our best lives possible. Anyone who knows me knows I'm always on mission. A mission to accomplish endless opportunities, to build memories, to succeed as an individual and as a family. I can't express enough if you add that hour a day for yourself, it will set the tone within you to become less stress free, happier because you're doing something for yourself and you will cope easier with frustrating life scenarios. I can continually write about what I call developing our "Happy Self" (previous post) because I live and I am accomplishing it. Yours might not be transforming your body, whatever it is.......reading a book, crafting, dancing, learning to play an instrument, it will help your soul and develop the peace inside you which helps develop that patience to parent. That's "how" I cope - because I'm constantly asked, "How do you do it mentally? How do you cope?" Too conclude it's never too late to transform into that person you want to be. As I always say, "Start today" I'm going to post the link about the story of the father that inspired me.......and to leave you with these three words. "Anything is possible" - Me.

Click on link below to read the inspiring story:

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