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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Above normal

Groceries. Can you imagine purchasing groceries for our family? For us, it's a completely normal occurrence that happens several times a month. I usually shop at Costco and Superstore. Costco consists of two shopping carts fully loaded. We are stared at, I've heard whispers and always someone is saying a comment or asking a question about our groceries. Even the employees comment. We are used to the attention which can consist of negative or positive reactions. Mostly people just stare. I'm sure they have their own conclusions onto why we're pushing two fully over-loaded grocery carts. Maybe some think we've won the lottery and we're starving. I don't know. What I do know is, we are used to being people's entertainment. Not very often do I go into Costco purchasing not much. That being said, not much can be someones normal order. Tonight I went to Superstore with a friend that only has two adult children living at home. I purchased $215.00 dollars worth at first before I was told that if I spent $250.00 I would get a free turkey! SO I immediately went back buying a few more items to receive my turkey. Completely excited to get something for free and especially a turkey! Well.....when the turkey was presented to me I asked, "What is that?" The lady proceeded to tell me this was my free turkey. I started laughing and said, "This isn't a turkey, this a baby a frying hen, a chicken, obviously it's not a full size adult turkey!" "I need three more of these free birds!" I jokingly said. My friend was having a blast grocery shopping with me. She was amazed of the amount of plums, bananas, oranges, tomatoes.......10 lbs in each bag at least! She stated that the turkey was a perfect size for her family. I still was shocked at its size and couldn't get over the fact onto why they would shed the life of a baby bird! My friend asked if she could join me the next time I shop at Costco to experience what that would be like. I said, "Sure as long as you can push another cart for me!" When we arrived home, my husband came out to help unload and asked, "What is this?" I said proudly, "It's my free turkey!" He laughed and asked, "What for breakfast!?" My friend laughed again, clearly she was having a great time, then she went home. It was awesome to get this free cornish hen (I mean turkey) BUT it isn't going to be served at Thanksgiving. I will cook it for sandwich meat. When I'm alone shopping, everything is normal. Even the looks I receive has become normal. What's interesting is, when you're out with someone who reminds you - this is above normal, a very different shopping experience for most and then it suddenly hits me, yes it is, you're right - this is above normal.....while looking at my 10 pound bag of potatoes thinking this is one nights staple compared to someone else's one weeks worth. No wonder we've become the center of attention. If I stood back and looked from a distance, WOW! That is a lot of groceries with one small bird! It reminds me when people stare at our family's size while out. I don't notice our size as it's our life like I don't notice my shopping carts. My brother in law once asked, "Haven't you seen children before?!" Perhaps next time I will ask, "What.....haven't you seen groceries before?" Anyways, I'm thankful for my free bird and I'm also thankful it has found room in our freezer without much hassle. And honestly, for me to notice us being "above normal" is seeing our family picture, so next time I will take a picture of my grocery carts and it will all become clear.

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