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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Accomplishments with different twists

Yesterday was not only productive (gym, multiple errands and appointments accomplished) but it was very exciting. I helped our fourteen year old son make his first resume. Then we stopped off at our local A & W restaurant while doing errands. He was really nervous at first. I basically told him that until he goes into the establishment and delivers his resume, we will sit out in the parking lot looking at each other. I had our oldest son with us, coaxing my fourteen year old along. We waited about fifteen minutes and my fourteen year old finally returned. He was hired on the spot starting today! This is a milestone - starting your first job ever! Very exciting and amazingly hired with his first attempt. A beginning into the work force, making his own money and gaining more responsibilities sounds like a great new milestone to me! After his first successful shift, we opened up a bank account and he received his first debit card. In between his part-time job, he's home schooling. I'm very proud of him earning his own money and taking on more responsibilities. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will maintain everything that is going on for him. I remember when our oldest daughter starting working at age thirteen. Yes young but responsible and dedicated. She worked part time, she went to school and was in performing arts five days a week. I believe teenagers need responsibilities, need goals and activities (keeping busy physically and mentally) to keep out of trouble. Our oldest daughter saved $15.000 by the age of 16. Now she's completely career driven. I always tell our children, "Don't do what I did" Starting a family first. It's very difficult to juggle a family while trying to get ahead financially. I was lucky but it took several ( a lot ) more years of struggling through hardship, mental stress and a huge dedication to change my life for myself and my two children. Not the way to start - so I definitely preach self success before anything else. So when our children (teens) (young adults) are making good choices, working and feeling that success within themselves by doing so - it's a milestone in the right direction.

Lately our family has been undergoing many milestones. Beginning a new school year with home schooling, our new son starting a new school so far successfully and happily, new employers either for their first time or multiple times, our oldest son is back in school starting today, our oldest daughter started her RN 4 year program and our dog Wilbur is becoming a father. OK that's not a milestone but anything that is new that needed some work to succeed I find to be a milestone around here. LOL even puppy making! The interesting part of this whole stud deal was bringing our dog into the vet to get his sperm count checked. I asked the vet, "So this done with a machine?" He laughed responding, "No, it's all done manually" "Oh,, is it ok for me to leave the room?" I asked. He smiled and said, "No problem, we will call you in when we're done" With a big sigh of relief on my part I continued to say, "Thank you, I just feel somewhat uncomfortable as it seems forbidden to me" WELL I believe I made our vets day. He laughed and laughed. Afterwords I was able to check out the sample collected, the semen evaluation was more then 80% progressive with no sperm defects. Now if that isn't a milestone for Wilburs first assessment, I don't know what is!

So with a successful pregnancy for the female, there will be mini-labradoodles for sale if anyone is interested.

Call it milestones or just call it accomplishments with different twists, regardless what it is, it's been relatively interesting. All I know; I've learned a lot myself this week about breeding dogs. (Too much) - laugh it's great for your abdominal muscles! At least smile, it stretches out the frowning wrinkles! Just don't imagine what I've had to do supporting our dog Wilbur!

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