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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tomorrow's hour

We survived the flu! Only five of us were sick. I think that's amazing. If you don't know what I look like, here I am in the above picture. I took this myself with my phone. Amazing what phones can do these days! I titled this picture, "Just think.....of the possibilities" because if you keep your mind open, pave your way with cement - you can do anything. As you know I'm a Mother of many, I practice first aid throughout the year, I occasionally hike and I've become this avid fitness guru lately. Besides having the flu, I have lost weight with my fitness and eating healthy. Now I don't feel I need to struggle getting my running shoes on, I think about it all the time. One hour a day I've dedicated my health, my happiness and yes my sanity to this hill. I've been taking some of our children that can keep up, I really like the company but today they all said, "No" I guess pushing yourself up a steep incline several times over and running isn't child satisfying. Who knew? For years I've been doing so much for our family, for our children and I was loosing who I was. I gained weight. I was content but there was a lost piece somewhere in all that cooking and baking. I was talking with another Mother today with two children explaining she feels "trapped" I don't know her situation but I did ask, "Can you find one hour a day for yourself?" Many times being "trapped" is a really good excuse. I know, I used it. My sister is a powerful woman when it comes to health and fitness, she has been my motivation. I have to thank her for basically telling me, "Stop with the excuses" If I can't get out for that one hour, I have stairs in my house, I have a treadmill, planks can be done anywhere. Pretend to skip rope, do jumping jacks with the kids and you can develop many forms of exercise inside your own home. I've written this before and I'm going to write it again - I'm good at repeating myself.....I'm going to start a group. I believe it will be advertised through AFABC. Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10am we will alternate stairs and hike climbing/running. If you're interested, please contact me. I can change date/times accordingly. Something that's true about fitness is it works better with company and support. That nagging blogger that keeps yapping about it.......she is a possible motivation. (Or not) Lately I've been asking everyone to come along with me because my children sadly are pooping out. Today for the first time I went by myself to Notch Hill. I kept telling myself that I can fight off a cougar attack no problem......and I just kept running. Anyways all kidding aside, it doesn't matter your level, the group is designed for adoptive parents with or without their children. You can climb stairs, a mountain or just mingle.....there is no pressure. Today was a great day.....not because I went out for an hour running from wild animals within my mind, because our family split up. I took half of our children to the Fire and Ice competition where there was tons of entertainment, ice sculptures and chili tasting. My husband had the other half and went quading. Then to end, my Husband left with his picnic dinner I prepared with a few of our boys to the opening of the races! Fireworks, crash to pass, Road runners and Hornet cars tonight! Tis the season, we love it! So here I sit, it's peacefully quiet thinking about tomorrow's hour with my quote, "Just think......of the possibilities" then turn that thought into our realities.


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