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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mommy Bird

Our week was great. My little flower bed is ready to grow, our camper is in the process of renovations and one of our highlights was getting our second oldest son fitted into a tuxedo for his prom. Seen above our son is getting measured for his suit. He's wearing all black, including a black shirt (not the white one above) with a yellow tie and accents. His date is wearing a beautiful light yellow dress. The man above who sufficiently masters his business very well asked me if I was getting "teary" I said, "No" Although I know when the commencement ceremonies happen and witnessing our second graduating child move forward successfully into his life, I will cry. Eighteen years of mothering, protecting and pushing somewhat for his success will make me cry. I also know it's the next step into his independence where he's planning to move on. This is my son that I had a uterine rupture, where he was suspected to be brain damaged during the birth. This is my son that has given us many laughs with many fears. He once had very blond curly hair.........and our son that I sat endlessly during every pneumothorax, during his lung surgery wishing I could only have his pain. Now he's graduating and moving this summer to Alberta. We have many children but when one child moves on, it still has a feeling of an empty nest. It's different and changes our dynamics. Even when one of our children are missing, for example: many times they will go to a friends house. I will make their dinner plate. It's easier to add to your family then take away. So here we are getting ready for what I call one of the biggest milestones in life......graduating from school. Our oldest daughter graduated one year early on the Principles list with bursaries. She's now in her fourth year of University come September. Graduating I feel is extremely important because it shows that you have made it through one of the hardest parts in your life, the teenage years. It shows responsibility, dedication and with that certificate, an employer sees potential. I know many teenagers don't believe that graduating is important but to further educate, to gain further employment opportunities, you have to finish school. It's one milestone that really starts and paves your life. Without it, I really think your road isn't paved, it's going to be rocky. So I'm very excited to see that another child of ours is moving forward in the right direction. Plus it's a step back for me as his parent. His wings have spread and it's like holding your baby bird getting ready for flight. Watching him soar with success into his next journey of life. The Mommy bird sits back, relaxes and says, "Good luck" with tear filled eyes, eyes filled with feelings of being proud and just memories of the last eighteen years. It's bitter sweet. Our children won't understand the emotions a parent goes through until they have children of their own. I feel as a parent it's a battle for years to keep your child safe and to keep them dedicated in school, with their academics. It's a struggle, so the tears I have is not only for our graduating children, it's for myself too because those struggles are least for that child, at least for getting through those teenage years. It's one part of life that is over. I know not all our children will graduate and I'm "Ok" with that too given their needs but if they have it within them to graduate, then I will struggle with them - getting them there. If they purposely drop out....then it's a unpaved road of unknowns and it's unfortunate. I tell our children that my life has been there and it's their turn to hopefully develop a bright and successful future for themselves. When a child, well young adult graduates, that part of mothering for me is over. I now get to witness where their choices will lead them with only my opinion if asked. So my sweet son who's now eighteen, graduating and moving on - I do congratulate you and wish you the best in all your endeavours. I am a teed bit selfish because I'm not only creating childhood memories for our children, I'm creating them for myself too - so I can fondly remember all those little moments I once had.

Our second oldest son now eighteen and graduating above..................

"Your schooling may be over, but remember that your education still continues" - unknown.

And remember, "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going" - Beverly Sills.

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