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Monday, May 14, 2012

I added me

Our weekend was great. One of our sons turned twelve. He celebrated with apple pie, a round of bowling and a movie. On Mother's Day I went running the Helliwell Provincial Park located on my favorite Island - Hornby! Seen above is part of the bluff I ran. Looking over endless sea and surrounding Mountains. When we can, we would love to buy some property on Hornby Island. During my run, I had yet another goal thought - I would like to start running Marathons. So here I go......I haven't posted much on my previous months of my new lifestyle change. I didn't want to risk sounding repetitive and boring as I can be writing about the same topic over and over again. Although I think it's time to update my progress. If you've been following, you know I've been doing stairs remaining around 2,343 ish then I decided to conquer Notch hill. A little Mountain near us. This hill has been my friend for the past month. I've managed up, around and down  again in 31 minutes. I've also collected a few other woman to venture off with me at different fitness levels and because their time conflicts with each other, there has been days I've hiked three times in one day! It's been discussed to try different places although it's nice to have a route down to a clear science. Back in January on my 39th birthday I posted about changing my lifestyle within a year....I wanted to see results before my 40th! It's been five months and I have gained endurance, strength, motivation and I've lost weight. I'm now for one month and counting a vegetarian and I can hold back from temptation. I've cut back on sugars and I intake more water. I feel great! I feel more energized. And honestly, anyone can change if I can. I can manage running approximately 4 km without stopping and I'm learning to manage my breathing techniques. My children think I'm insane but what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger right!? For someone who was content with life is now happy and content with life doing it all. This is for me. I have a few other ideas that I would like to change. It's going to be very difficult for me because I'm not a morning person. I love my sleep that I don't get often enough! I go to bed in between 10-11pm every night, toss, turn and up by 7am. My goal is to awake every morning at 5:30am so I can run while everyone is sleeping. To start training.......crazy? Well I've been called that lots, so the word "crazy" doesn't bother me. It's a proven study and I've proven that morning exercise releases endorphins that keep you going happily and energized throughout the rest of the day. So what's so crazy about that!? I've also come to the conclusion that stairs, hiking and running isn't cutting the mustard. I need to do some strength training so I don't risk having any injuries. So that's another plan, incorporating strength into my life. Ten years plus ago I was running over 15 km and life changes, our responsibilities shift, we adopt more children and loose what once was. Have you ever felt like you're in a rut? Or are you feeling that way personally? I have. If you let that rut in your life consume you, then everything is impossible. It's never too late, you're never too old or out of shape to start a lifestyle change. My duties as a Mother and a wife haven't changed. I just added to MY responsibilities. I added me. So as you know with any change, it takes time, be patient and I guarantee you will see and feel results. I'm not a fitness instructor by any means but heh, perhaps one day I will be. Our opportunities in life are endless and forever changing. "Our whole existence is to LIVE. Live within our own skin, live to be happy, healthy, live for our children and family but most importantly live for ourselves" - quoted by me. I started buying Oxygen magazines. They are very informative with exercising techniques, muscle strengthening and tons of yummy recipes with of course the "dos" and "don'ts" It's your "do everything better" guide. I also read an inspiring book that I recommend called, "Second Wind" a woman's quest to run seven marathons on seven continents. A woman that started with no fitness level and succeeded her dream. I really enjoyed this book and it will inspire readers to take chances, find their truth in their lives and learn to listen to the voice inside them. So there you have update, some of my changes and hopefully a jump-start for you to also add yourself as I added me!

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