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Friday, May 18, 2012

Loan forgiveness programs

I'm always learning something new. Have you heard of the B.C. Loan Forgiveness program? It is where B.C. students that have graduated in nursing, nurse practitioner, medicine, midwifery, pharmacist, speech and pediatric occupational therapy, audiology, teachers for the visual impaired and hard of hearing, technology education teachers and school psychologists get their student loans paid for given they work in under served areas in B.C. for a certain amount of time. This is a great opportunity for the student and a great asset to communities that need these professionals. I know in our area we need all of the above. Not to mention more General Practitioners. Our family doctor we`ve had for years and years and thankfully he took us back after moving away years ago with added family members. I constantly hear in our area that no one is accepting new patients. Tonight we tried taking one of our sons to the walk n clinic with no success. It`s lined up out the front door and I sign saying their `quota`` for the evening was full. The frustrating part is, it wasn`t an emergency for us. We just needed a prescription. So no prescription because heading to the hospital risks further illnesses and anywhere from the earliest four to ten hours later. Definitely not an option. Even our GP is booked solid always for two weeks. Basically for precaution sake, we need an open appointment booked every two weeks for what might creep up. It seems it`s like that for absolutely everything. For example, in our area to see a dermatologist specialist it`s at least six months! So I know all too well about suffering from skin irritations without treatment. I can`t imagine individuals that have to wait wondering if they have skin cancer! When I found out that our government is offering a loan forgiveness program for certain health professions I was very happy. Our health and education is extremely essential and having programs like this not only helps the student, it helps communities like ours with less waiting lists. Can you imagine a world with no waiting for health care.... A world that has available health care everywhere.... I know there is tons of programs that I am un-aware of and I think our government should advertise and make the professions needed appetising to our younger university students. Which would include wage increases, excellent benefits, retirement packages and education paid for with these stipulations to work for a number of years in places in need. The quality and quantity of service would meet our growing population. I wish. A thought that striked a conversation between some of our children.......that there IS opportunities if they are willing to continue their education into University. Not only opportunities for themselves but it will definitely make a dent in our world for change. Anyways.....there is nothing I do not think about and contemplate over. Here I sit on a Friday night during the start of May long weekend thinking about careers that we desperately need more of. How exciting is that! While I have been writing, my keyboard has been stuck in a French mode (I think) and I canèt seem to fix it! My question mark looks like É and can not normally written with a apostrophe comes out canèt. Another excellent career opportunity is technology with computers.....I need someone who knows about computers but I have to wait for that too!  lol mmmm.....good thing Ièm baking cookies and muffins right now, at least theyèll come out without a glitch!

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