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Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Home sweet home!"

Through-out the four days I contemplated if going away to the Mountain was a great idea. (I think we'll try anything once) We couldn't control the blizzard that happened for the whole time we were there. It made our time away "crowded" We are used to almost 4000 sq ft and we jammed into maybe 500 sq ft for four blizzarding days! We were trapped but all together for Christmas. We definitely had our 'moments' Just imagine being squished together with twelve younger individuals, your husband, a dog - all with different behaviours in a place that wasn't your own?! SO we all decided to go sleigh-riding down this steep hill. My husband had our vehicle keys and condo keys in his pocket that ripped open during sledding. An hour and a half later our oldest daughter found all of them buried in the snow bank! (Very amazing actually) In the lower left picture was our first night when all our children received their personalized mugs for Christmas. They really loved the fact their pictures were on their cups. The lower right picture we were outside getting ready for hard core sledding since most of the lifts were closed caused by high winds and snow! As you can tell, you can't see many faces because the snow felt like pellets on your bare skin! Unfortunately my husband trying to be a child re-injured his hip sledding down the hill on a BMX GT Racer! That's probably when he lost our sets of keys! The upper left picture is a family picture taken by my camera's timer. I ran in and bent in time. Believe it or not, there is a Christmas tree behind us! We took this picture just before leaving. This is the only Christmas present I wanted, it was hard to achieve but I'm very happy with it. During our time we had many different goodies and platters. Christmas dinner consisted of steak and baked potatoes! One night we had a ham with mashed potatoes & the other was spaghetti. The only traditional part was Christmas morning with the surprise of presents underneath the Christmas tree. Through-out our stay we took turns hot-tubing. An event our children will remember, hot-tubing outside while it was snowing. (Throwing snow-balls at each other) "Very relaxing"... I would occasionally look out watching the snow fall thinking out loud how beautiful it was having a white Christmas. Now that we're at home, everyone disappeared. They don't have to tell me their appreciation for the space we have, everyone running to their rooms was enough! I do ask myself would we do this again? "NOPE" It was an experience, definitely a memory but Christmas will continue to remain at home.

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  1. I'm glad you are home safe and sound. I've been thinking of your family, especially during all the reports of the HUGE amount of snow that the mountain received.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday time together.