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Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Ho ho ho"

The 2nd annual Christmas Adoption party was a huge success. Over a dozen families and I lost track of the number of children attended. We will continue to host this Christmas event in a nearby hall. With the help of other families we had a great magician perform a magic show, we had a projector and stereo system hooked up to play dance Wii (which was a huge hit!) Of course a surprise visitor and tons of great platters, enough food for thirds! Everyone was dancing and mingling with each other. I definitely need to thank my husband for pulling it all together being Santa because he had moments through-out the day prior to this party that was "trying" on his patience. "Patience" is key I always say. There was one moment there where I was almost in tears laughing so hard. Being his Santa helper he thought he was calling out some one's name wrong on their gift but it turned out to be a childhood nickname - he was so close in firing me! Afterwords it was amazing on how fast everything was cleaned up with the help of other families and their children. It's interesting with our children because most of them know it's their "Dad" playing Santa. The ones that don't are still questionable. Our littlest son afterwords was asking his Dad why we had Santa's bag. We were cleaning up, putting things away and our son noticed the red bag. (Oops) His Dad turns to him and explains, "It's because Santa didn't have room on his sleigh" Funny, he walked away satisfied with that answer. In conclusion what makes events like these a success is everyone who attends. So I'm deeply appreciative for the families that continue to support their children and support their adoptive community by coming all together. I've written before and I'm not sure if it's in here with my new posts but "back in the day" when we started adopting we never knew our path was going to grow with adoption that included other families, some foster parents and some birth family. I really believe it's a blessing to have such growth, support and continued friendships with others along the same path. Thank you for being in our life and again, we love you all. "Merry Christmas"

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