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Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Good ole days"

Our weekend was very home based, it almost seems unusual for our family to stay home for a weekend. One highlight that my husband and I don't do very often is go out for dinner. On Friday night we went out with another couple who we adore. In fact we just love them and their children except on Friday night it was just adults! It was nice. My husband as always when he gets speaking, he talks about the good ole days. The good ole days consisted of episodes that you don't want to share with your children! Jumping 4X4's, hucking green pine cones at each other, driving vehicles backwards past police stations, sliding sideways through stop signs, jumping from one car to another while waiting for the intersection lights to change and his old Ontario days. It reminds me of the show Dukes of Hazard! It's interesting how the generation has changed because even when I was a child my Mother wasn't telling me to go outside, she was yelling for me to come in! I made mud patties, climbed trees and loved playing in the woods. I didn't have a computer, Ipods, game systems or cell phones. I had the great outdoors. When I was a teenager I had no rides, I walked everywhere. To phone a friend I had to stand in the kitchen near the wall where the phone hung, usually my sister and I would fight over the one phone. (I will admit we hit each other in the head with it!) Funny I remember when my sister and I would lay on the couch together and if our feet touched, it was war! Our feet would kick each other until our Mother would yell at us to stop! Children haven't changed in that way but unfortunately they've changed needing electronics. One of our house rules is games aren't allowed until they've played like children I remember. Then their time playing games are limited. We have one house computer but our children have to do a chore for access and again time is limited. Our older teenagers, age 16, 17 and 20 bought their own computers and have more access of course. My husband keeps saying that the kids now-a-days don't know how to play and they're not "tough" enough. They definitely bore quickly and easily. If we don't plan their day they are suddenly "bored" Yes it's not like the good ole days. It's interesting sharing stories and understanding that it's a evolving generation. Back then I remember walking to and from school, doddling along. There was no worry of being kidnapped or assaulted. At least it wasn't as common. I really enjoy the older television series such as "Little house in the Prairie" because they worked hard and together as a family. It was simplistic without the influences of television and computers. Even the Hannah Montana shows that the children love these days are full of cheap ignorant comments then the audience laughs, cheers it on. I personally don't understand why the generations are getting so unappreciative and selfish to the point where the family meaning is irrelevant. I as a Mother try to teach the importance of family, what it means to have each other, to respect and to have compassion for each and every one of us. For the most part, I have witnessed in our children this love I'm constantly writing about. But there is that generation gap that's completely different and I understand and blame technology. Our children just look at us as old. So it's nice to sit and reminisce the past with others that completely can relate. Chuckle and have a great time remembering the good ole days.

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  1. Wonderful post. And soooo true! We like to go out with another couple too, and share stories of the good ole days. LOL

    My kids are learning to play...outside together, with friends etc. Technology is limited in our home too.

    Good for you for trying to help your children be children. It's a lost art if you ask me. ;)