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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Everyone needs "Love" and "Family"

December 16th and 17th my daughter and I are going to Carrie Underwood at the Rodgers Place. (GM Place) This will be her first big concert in the big city. We have two days to wander the streets window shopping while for her experiencing a completely different lifestyle. Every time I'm in a large city I'm reminded on how truly blessed we all are living in rural areas. The space, the privacy and most importantly the clean fresh air. Usually with me walking the streets I have a hard time passing by the homeless. I'm not wanting to give them money for habits they might have, I usually give them food. What I will have in my backpack will be wrapped food items and socks that they can either wear on their hands or feet. Something light and easy to pack while window shopping. I don't fear people and usually no one wants to cause harm. The city is packed with individuals coming and going. I really think this is the next best thing other then leaving to a Third World Country where our daughter will understand the impacts of addiction, of being homeless and mostly ignored; while people walk by pretending their existence isn't there. The morning of the 16th we will walk, take buses and sky-trains, see a concert, stay in a hotel - we're having our time together but most importantly she's going to see another side of this small world she won't want to be a part of but develop compassion for. When we were visiting with our Grandma through adoption we were discussing about drug addicted street people, many that are birth parents of our children. Honestly years ago I didn't care about the birth parents. Especially after hearing abusive stories. Now of course we still protect our children and our privacy. Although within myself I'm finding understanding, reason and if these individuals had supports in place, I wonder if their life could change? I'm not writing about professional supports, I'm writing about family. (Love) Some stability, a home. Understandably people don't want to subject themselves to people that can potentially cause harm, steal and bring the drug dealers home. I also know a huge factor is that the sick don't want help and when they do, it's so hard to trust. I think we need more group based homes for adults wanting help that isn't expensive. Where there is stable loving genuine people looking after the home qualified with dealing with addictions. I guess I just explained what rehab looks like. Although I think when these individuals hear "Rehab" it's a forced pressure that scares them running. Also when they feel like they've lost everything, their family, their children - why on earth would they want to change? That's why I'm stuck believing that everyone needs a family. Rehab and different types of professionals aren't the answer they seek. Yes the first step they need for recovery but without a loving family member, why would they? I truly feel sorry for these people just lost and the only thing that helps is drugs. Individuals no one should judge because until you can walk a mile in their shoes, you have no idea. "Mmm" I'm a deep thinker. Probably one of my most time consuming slightly frustrating traits! So moving on, this December will be a month to remember, many changes that is bringing sentimental time for each and every one of us. Even though our children have come from loss and a history of abuse, every year we're developing fundamental skills that we hope will help them into their adulthood. We have never said we're the perfect family but trying not to be bias, I think we're a family worth growing up in. No matter what, we'll always be here and when we're not, there will always be a sibling. Something that everyone needs - family - including the street people.

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  1. Beautifully said! My hope is that we all take a page from your book and teach ourselves and our children that everyone needs LOVE! xox