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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sweet Somethings

I arrived early to a routine medical appointment with our one daughter so I decided to walk the Old City Quarter in downtown Nanaimo. As I circled I noticed this cute little store and went inside. I started talking with the owner and he was explaining that their little business might have to shut down after their lease is up. As I looked around it was packed with candy. Packed with great prices too! I didn't purchase anything for ourselves but I purchased a twenty dollar gift certificate to start an online game, guess this place? ( I think I called it) Anyhow with the owner's permission I said I would help support his little store. Sweet Somethings is a candy and confection store. It's full of candy that you can't just find anywhere! Sweet Somethings does not only sell candy inside their store, they will do candy buffets, gift baskets, weddings, kids parties and corporate events and did I mention already that their prices are excellent too! On their pamphlet that the owner kindly provided has pictures of mouthwatering fudge, they have chocolate caramel pretzels, chocolate and caramel apples (and I will add they look fantastic!) They have pecan clusters, caramel popcorn, a large variety of bagged candy including my favorite, Bon Bons! I know Valentines is next week, so I suggest if you're looking for something sweet and perhaps something slightly different, try Sweet Somethings! Sweet Somethings is located in Nanaimo's Historic Old City Quarter. 309 B Wesley Street. Now I know sometimes I would like to treat our children to something and this is it! It's different, it's cute and there's lots of items to choose from. Including ice cream! Another thought.....Easter is around the corner too! The baskets purchased at a chain store would be nothing in comparison that this store can do for you! Think out of the norm and go unique! Lets start supporting local businesses like this store. Lets keep them in business. This area in particular is cute. The Old City Quarter I think gets forgotten and there is lots of nice little shops to meet all needs and including excellent little restaurants! Do you want something different to do? Walk the streets where I did and check it out! You will not be disappointed! 

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