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Sunday, August 30, 2015

A new season (Fall 2015)

I've always struggled with grammar. Now I'm struggling with writing in general. I don't want to be one of those individuals that is stuck in a chapter. For us our medical journey continues with many unknowns. It's a day by day life we are living. We felt cheated while summer ends however as I continue to plan for our future, I feel organized and productive. Which brings me to the question I have been receiving lately...."I don't know how you do it with all the stress you've been under?" In some of my past posts I've always stated that an hour a day for yourself is the best medicine. For me, an hour a day outdoors was 100% rejuvenating. For months (I admit) it's been difficult to find that hour. My stress escalated. My patience is limited. However, I'm not interested in unnecessary drama from others. My stress is controlled by eliminating some stress factors that I can control. My stress is sharing by writing. Being productive. Planning the future while living our life day by day. (If that makes any sense) We're coming into a new season now. I've embraced and welcomed the rain. The fall colors sporadically appearing is beautiful. I'm continually just loving how our world is so amazing. I can be watching the leaves fall from my kitchen window, or when I'm driving I notice how puffy, light and or dark the clouds are, or how blue the sky is. Even the pine needles that are stuck in my outdoor carpet reminds me of fall, a new season. Miraculously my feeling of being cheated disintegrates. We are living! That's how simple it can be. I keep thinking about the Starlings that dance in our skies. Please refer to a 2014 post I wrote on my blog called, "The song bird" 

A new season equals a new chapter. I have been preparing for public school and homeschooling. The rest of 2015 is booking up fast and including planning Christmas! Dec 12th our annual Adoption Christmas Party is on, please mark it on your calendars and spread the word! I will post closer to the date for more information. 

To conclude, we can be bombarded and attacked by stress related situations that aren't under our control. We are allowed to go through our emotions, to own our stress but I'm a true believer our lives are what we make of it. Our pasts are our pasts that do not define us. Our future we hold in our hands. I CAN continue being stuck in that last chapter being grammatically (?) not successful or I can choose to take an English course (ha ha) while embracing those pine needles reminding me that I need to clean up my act and move on into a new season. After the storm passes, it's an individual choice to raise our own sails and continue our life's journey. I always choose to sail and watch for those Starlings.  

 Mahatma Gandhi
"After a storm comes a calm" - Matthew Henry

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