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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our 2015 Summer Survival Photo Reflection

The beginning, June husband in ICU
Two and a half months later.....still fighting MRSA.

Learned to administer IV Meds, Saline and Picc Flushing from home, discharged for the second time August 7th!
Survived sepsis twice! 
The picture above is a coke plane made by my father in CR. A plane my husband looked at every day waiting for a flight free!

The picture below is our thumbs up! He "We" survived! Homeward bound for the second time!

We celebrated our 16th Anniversary! August 14th! A day (at times) I didn't think was going to be possible!

 During our summer celebrations continued...... 5 birthdays!

 While we were at the hospital, our family and friends set up a pool. The pool was the best summer distraction!

 Our family from up North came.....this is just some of us! We had our annual Red Robin dinner while taking turns visiting Gerald in the hospital. He also had a surprise Red Robin burger, fries and gravy brought to his bedside! 

 My sister went on day hikes with some of our children! This is the top of Mt. Benson! 
 What a view!
 We had a family movie day! It was a success with our two little's that have never been!
 Our son Austin was amazing. His help and support was/is beyond words. In the below picture he's packing our little cow girl!
 We made it! We survived summer 2015!
This summer I didn't have travel adventures and daily fun experiences to share. I couldn't write positive posts. Today I can. I can proudly state that I have an amazing family. I have an amazingly strong husband that continued to fight to live, too come home. Today he's tinkering around blowing up bike tires. He's working on his sons RC cars, changing oil filters so his boys can quad. Their Dad is home!

My husband has a long road to recover. We still have many medical worries BUT he is, we are survivors! 

AND most importantly, through every experience good or bad - I still believe there is a reason. I might not have thought that in our darkest hours, however it brought our family and friends closer together. Truth be told, it usually takes something very life changing to change life.

Again, thank you! I love and appreciate every one! 
I leave this post with this quote, "The earth has music for those who listen" - George Santayana
Get outside, live love and let everything go - forgive! Life is truly to short to waste..... 

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  1. He certainly looks much better. Hope the recovery continues to progress.