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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The ole pocket book

Time flies. I just wanted to write and say we're still alive. We've been busy busy busy. During our busy schedule I added two doctor appointments for my granddaughter and I. Those appointments were horrible. That doctor (A substitute, a locum, a ?) shouldn't be a doctor. It was about her pocket book not about our care. I know, I're probably thinking I'm over reacting however there were several other patients that felt the same way. With not getting into great detail, I wrote a complaint letter. I held off on any further tests and treatment. I'm usually not the one to rock the boat. "Stir the waters" I usually let things slide. However I thought.....I can't. I can't let this one slide. The way I was treated was unacceptable. I thought if I didn't address the issue, that this doctor would continue practicing. My complaint letter might not stop this doctor from practicing however I hope that I as a patient will be heard. After all, our care is paid for. With writing I feel better. It's my release. The complaint letter eased my soul. No matter what the outcome I within my heart did what's right. Not only was I upset with a doctor, I was upset with a pharmacy. We had one son on medication for his kidney, and now our daughter on medication for an infection in her leg plus my husband takes medication daily. The pharmacy missed calculated in their millimeters for liquid, and missed calculated in their counting for pills. Not once but several days over. We had to return sometimes twice a day to straighten out medication. It was frustrating. The whole week was. I must say it's getting better. (I think) We have x-rays and a follow up this Friday for our daughter that recently had surgery. I'm anticipating good news and a great appointment with our daughters surgeon. In fact today we had a dentist appointment for twelve of our children. I was told that our previous dentist retired and that we have a new one. My first thoughts were, "Oh boy" We were there for two hours, and all our children were seen. I was explained and shown absolutely everything. Not to mention this dentist is adding preventive cavity work on all our children's teeth. He was excellent. Out of twelve children, there was only four cavities found. This dentist was professional, explanatory, efficient, organized and most importantly compassionate. He even mentioned that if our insurance was maxed, he would cover the rest. I asked, "What?" and yes I heard right. I explained to him that never in my life have I heard such a generous suggestion as his and I complimented him saying he was the best dentist I've ever seen. Not because of his offer but on how he handled our bunch. Everything went perfectly. Funny, he said that he's never worked on twelve children one after another like triage, every room had three of our children sitting in it. He was pleasantly surprised. Even our three year old just laid down and opened his mouth. You know.....the biggest part in any profession working with people is the connection. That initial approach, that compassionate nature. There is nothing worse then walking into a medical room feeling uncomfortable, then having to proceed explaining your personal issues. There's a trust. An aura that needs to surround both yourself and that person you're trusting your life with. It doesn't matter if it's a doctor, a dentist, a councilor, an employer or a friend. Whoever it is that you're trusting, there needs to be an all around respect and a level of connection from one to another. I miss working in the first aid room. I understand and know the respect that needs to happen. For me today, it was great to see a dentist being just a compassionate person while working within his profession. People come first, not the pocket book - the pocket book follows after developing the clientele by person to person connection. I love our new dentist, no complaints there. With every genuine deep down good person comes prosperity.

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