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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New moon brings sand dollar dream catchers!

Update - Our son does have a kidney infection. He's now on medication and will see his urologist in the near future.

There's a new moon on February 18th and I can't help but think that is the reason for escalated behaviors. I'm not just suggesting our children, I'm suggesting individuals in general. (Including myself) I've been feeling "out of sorts" and not on top of my game. "My positive self" It's more likely due to the fact that I'm not getting out enjoying one hour a day outdoors. However that doesn't solve everyone else's behaviors. lol I'm going to blame the new moon. It's said that the new moon helps clear the patterns of issues in our life. While each month we have a new moon, it requires a new starting point. A new project and to clear the negatives to make us feel better and more willing to move forward. Perhaps that's why the week before a new moon there seems to be more issues and because our bodies are made up of 90% water and the moon flows with the tides we therefore become more emotional with our reactions. I guess we need to honor the fact that our subconscious feelings don't always line up with our conscious realities and a lot of times everything is just a nonsense battle hence why a new project or idea should be entertained. Sounds like a bunch of blubber the way I tried to explain it but heh it's that kind of crazy week and me not making much sense is perfectly understandable. At least I try find reasoning into everything before blaming people. Regardless if it's due to the moon, or being brainwashed, a mental illness or just physically feeling under the weather - reality is we all need an outlet. We need to clear everything negative within ourselves (without passing blame) to continue into a positive future. So this new moon I'm going to breathe.....I'm not going to relive the past, nor relive this week or feel horrible because I've missed out on some outdoor time, nor feel guilty about what once was. I'm going to open some new doors, new projects and help my children to do the same. For one of our new projects we are making and selling sand dollar dream catchers. Absolutely beautiful. (I think) Here is our first one made. 
Now I've learned with our last project that some people didn't like the fact we were collecting shells. I did call Ocean and Fisheries and for the amount of shells we were collecting, we weren't doing any harm. For this project we are not collecting anything. The sand dollars were given to us already bleached. We decided to make something unique. Sand dollar dream catchers. I also know that some people don't like what dream catchers represent. Dream catchers are believed to come from the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe and traditionally dream catchers are only a few inches in diameter. The Native Americans believe that our night air is filled with good and bad dreams. (Which they are) So the legend with the dream catcher is that it captures and filters the bad dreams. The dream catcher only allows through the good dreams. It's interesting learning about other cultures. Our children have an aboriginal heritage and I find the Native beliefs quite fascinating. I love designing their crafts and learning more about their aboriginal history. Dream catchers are made with careful thought, and is suppose to be a sacred object. The whole dream catcher has meaning and if you have received a dream catcher it represents the four elements of life. Earth, water, fire and air while not only wishing positive dreams, a happy dreamful life. Sounds like a great project to start during a new moon, after infections, illnesses and some negative experiences this past week. If you're interested in a sand dollar dream catcher, we will be selling them for $35.00. What will the new moon bring you!? 

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