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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Who's your super-star?"

Origami fortune teller crafts have been popular in our house lately. Every which way I turn I'm picking a color, a number and my children are unmasking my fortune. Tonight I'm very happy with my life and I have a great smile according to their pieces of paper. I'm not sure about my smile but I know I'm very happy with my life. My husband is 20 years old and a super-star! I'm not sure if I like that idea. If twenty year old super-stars look like my husband we're in trouble! Origami fortune teller crafts are so simply created and full of imagination that lasts over decades with children. I remember when I was running around telling people they were lucky too! What's nice is our children placed "cute" positive comments in theirs. Positive reinforcement surfaces in many ways! The beauty in these hand held fortune tellers is our children are happy playing the game while their siblings and friends are constantly receiving uplifting quotes. I know that when you tell someone they look nice today, more then likely it's a genuine gesture that makes that person feel they look nice. So when someone is told they're sweet, I wonder if for that period of time as they're thinking they're sweet, would they act sweet is the question? Positive reinforcement is suppose to curb the behaviors. It reminds me of reverse psychology. I understand the two are two different concepts. For example I try to pick and choose my battles with our children. So if an argument erupts over putting on their winter jackets and boots because it's minus 5 with wind chills of minus 17 I would say, "Ok, I'm putting on MY jacket and boots because Brrrrrrr I'm not willing to get sick for Christmas" Then I would ask, "Do you remember being sick? Not even getting out of bed, holding that bucket?" I'm not even out the door and my son says, "It's too cold outside, I'm going to put on my jacket and boots" I'm smiling inside, argument vanishes, no battle occurred, we left the house warm. I don't believe neither positive reinforcement nor reverse psychology is 100% effective but 99% of the time there is a light bulb triggered. Like the Origami fortune tellers don't even realize that they're playing something positive with each other, which is uplifting each others spirits simply picking a color and a number. My thought process is still envisioning my husband as a 20 year old super-star! Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha (sorry honey) The thought instantly changed my mood from solemn to uncontrolled laughter! Nevertheless it's all great innocent mind or mood altering fun........

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