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Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Recently purchased amazing books!"

Anyone who has been following, we are a large adoptive family. Twelve children and we're in the process of adopting our next two children! That's all I'm going to write regarding our family. I'm going to write more on how we manage, how large families work and focus my blog to enlighten, inspire and give tips as well as receive ideas, share recipes and perhaps just a chuckle as my interesting sense of humor and English grammar can be amusing at times! Just recently I purchased a few books off of If I'm not writing at night, I'm reading. I bought the Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul. (Single stories celebrating forever families) The best I can be living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Effects - this book was written by Liz Kulp, a fetal alcohol exposed teenager and Jodee Kulp, her adoptive Mom. Anyone who has children with FASD should read this book. Liz writes her feelings through-out the book that is so honoring to read and I see many of our children feeling the same way! Quote, "You can not see my disability on the outside. I like to make myself look pretty and I like to wear cool clothes like the other kids. People seem to notice me and I stand out in a crowd. I laugh loudly, walk loudly and talk loudly. I like a good time" "Individuals with prenatal alcohol exposure often look like everyone else. The facial differences attributed to FAS occur during only two days of gestation, so most persons affected have hidden physical and neurological differences. Their actions and reactions to life experiences are often misunderstood" Sadly FAS is 100% preventable. I recommend this book, a quick read that helps understand your child's feelings. Another book I recently purchased is "Help! I've been adopted" by Brenda McCreight. It's written for older adopted children. I'm really eager to read, I know I will be satisfied and I will pass down this book to our older children to read as well. Back to the first book I mentioned, "Chicken soup for the Adoptive Soul" That I also highly recommend to purchase! It's so touching, passages in this book brings tears to my eyes and I truly believe that if other families that don't adopt read this, they will either start adopting or will understand why families like us adopt! For example, "A Child like Me?"

With saddened eyes and head bent low,
It's damaged goods most see.
With my unclear past and broken heart,
Who would want a child like me?

I watch her walk into the room.
From a distance I can see.
But dare I take a closer step?
Who would want a child like me?

And then I see her look my way.
She smiles so tenderly.
But do I even dare to dream,
She would want a child like me?

And then, as if I spoke out loud,
She approaches cautiously.
I try so hard to once believe,
She will want a child like me.

But dare I once let down my guard,
And trust that she will see,
Hiding beneath this old stained shirt,
Is a beautiful child like me?

My smile, they say, lights up a room.
I'll be good as good can be.
Oh, please, dear God, let her want
A special child like me.

I feel her hand reach out for mine,
And within her eyes I see,
A single, tiny, shining tear.
Could she want a child like me?

And when she takes me in her arms,
With a warmth so pure and new,
She says the words I've prayed to hear,
"The child I want is you"

By Lisa J. Schlitt (Beautifully written)

When I read this the first time, I cried. It reminded me meeting one of our sons for the first time. This is an excellent heartfelt book. For myself - I feel so good inside that we continue on the path we lead.


  1. Maybe I'll put these on my Christmas list. I love to read! I have a recommendation, if you're interested: Reflections from a Different Journey - What adults with disabilites with all parents knew. You can borrow my copy if you'd like. It's funny because I was just thinking about re-opening my blog, but doing it differently as well. I want to have it printed to a book before I delete it. Perhaps I'll get back to writing as well. Therapeutic, kind of, isn't it.

  2. So, here I am going through my list of blogs on adoption that I read daily, and you're the first one to make me cry! LOL

    I'm going to definitely ask for these books for christmas!
    Thanks for sharing!

    @Choose joy: I hope you do re-open your blog, I miss it.