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Monday, April 4, 2016

Just our kids, and the kitchen BUT next post not so much!

We have been geocaching like crazy! We have found 29 so far and we have met some friendly geocachers helping us along the way! We successfully planted our first geocache called, "Home school trading adventures" and we will soon send off two trackables! The picture below is three of our sons and what's really funny, our two sons out front found the cache! Our little man (featured as the photo bomber in the background) is still looking! Now that's dedication! 

 We went to the "Koba's Great Big Show" starring Max and Ruby, Mike the Knight, Backyardigans and Franklin! Emily screamed and cheered for an hour and a half! Apparently she LOVES live theatre especially when they're off of Tree house!

The weather has been great (now that spring break is over) One thing we enjoy most is cooking our own on an open fire. Even if it's in the middle of our driveway! 

 After any holiday it's hard to get back into routine. Monday's are definitely the worst and the busiest! I myself always feel better once Monday is over! The picture below is my daily kitchen life! Always around 3 pm I'm starting to prepare and cook dinner. While I'm cooking dinner, I prepare our public 
school kids lunches. 

Sometimes I make two dinners. Like today, I have a roast cooking in the oven with all the trimmings. And seen above I have already made Friday nights casseroles. Do you want a night off from cooking? Cook two dinners in one night. The freezer is one of my best friends! 

Now this Friday is different. My husband and I won't be here. We have an important meeting and I've turned it into a much needed time away. It's crazy how excited I am to be without children and no responsibilities but ourselves! The last time was in January! 

So....this week is all about prep and when we get back I will write all about it!

This quote below, "Everything comes to you. In the right moment. Be patient. Be grateful." I kept reading it....eventually everything does come to you. We should always be grateful for life, we should always be patient with it, and when the right moment comes, whatever it is, whatever you were waiting for, it either comes or it doesn't and within that right moment, you'll know why. It goes back to that statement, "There's a light at the end of the tunnel" and you have to learn to embrace what surrounds you first before getting to the end. Whatever that end is. Funny, it seems like lately we're never at the end of anything but there is always those moments that remind us, it will be worth it when we do. 

"Be patient and stay strong" - Me.

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