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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Running with appreciation

I want to address something extremely important! If you don't know already, we and with the help of ALL of you raised enough money for our daughters mobility. A all terrain jogging stroller that we will use forever (unless our Emily walks) We appreciate every one so much. Our daughter LOVES her stroller! We can go anywhere now with ease. Nightly I've been jogging with her, approx 4 km. Then it dawned on me, I want to do a half marathon with my daughter to celebrate! SO that's what we are going to train for and I wanted to share because without all of you, this wouldn't be a reality! 💪👏 We are together strong!

After having my tarot card reading and after writing about it in my previous post I've been non stop thinking. Today I decided to sign up for some VIU (Vancouver Island University) courses including writing and counseling. I'm starting to feel pumped. I'm not just that house wife OR that upside down naked woman! I am a trail blazer! Anyhow, I have been conquering my little hill (Notch Hill) 3-4 times a week and I have been jogging our loop (4 km) every night. Just lately (with the great weather) I have been jogging with our youngest daughter (seen above in her new stroller) Long story longer I had this brilliant idea. I have always wanted to run a marathon. In fact, I paid and was registered for the Good Life Marathon one year before my own hip deceived me. I had to cancel then. Now I feel bound and determined to run a half marathon. Same one I signed up before BUT this time with my daughter in front of me. Timing doesn't matter to me, finishing does! Finishing with her. If you haven't been following my blog, and are just tuning in now....our little Emily has been recovering from dual hip and groin surgeries. It was a difficult and challenging time for our family. During this time we raised $5000.00 to purchase this all terrain jogging stroller with Emily's Angels. Emily's Angels continues located on face book. This reality, this dream wouldn't have come true without all of your support! So now we are running with appreciation. I will share our journey, our challenges and we will conquer our first half marathon together this October! October 11th, the Good Life Marathon in Victoria BC!
If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door and open it. I'm back on track and so is my writing! Stay tuned!  

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