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Monday, May 18, 2015

I'm not just that upside down naked woman

A good friend of mine invited me to attend a Tarot Card reading. Both of us shared our experiences together. It was a great reading. The cards for the both of us aligned perfectly onto how our lives are right now. I will just write about my personal experience. As you know (or can tell) I have been struggling with writing. I think it's because lately I've been consumed with some negative enlightenment's in our life that is beyond my control. And if we know anything about control, we don't have any. So this Tarot Card reading couldn't have come at a better time. My first card that was laid was an upside down naked woman. Normally this card would represent a prideful woman. However in my case, I was upside down. Completely how I have been feeling these days. My existence is a homemaker. I breathe raising my family. I home school. In my past I was a supervisor at our local restaurant, weekly I looked after an elderly man. I was a first aider at our local mountain. I was always avidly working and supporting outside our home. First off I'm not complaining. I love my life, and my family. However ( within my Tarot Card reading) I as an individual have indeed lost myself. Can I be that proud naked woman standing upright confident within herself solely being a home maker? When people ask me what I do...I always say quietly, “I'm a stay at home mom, I home school” I personally need a different answer. My Tarot Card reading was bang on. I need adventure. I need change. I need something significant for me. To uplift who I am as a woman. Not just that house wife raising children while becoming a shadow in our world. That's not just me. I'm not just that house wife shadow. Funny....I do write about this all the time. That's probably why I write about it, because I know what I need, I know that action is key to any ones success. I can write about this over and over again but I will still remain that upside down naked woman. In the middle of my Tarot Card reading was acknowledgment. Acknowledging that I do indeed need to make some changes for myself with the support of this king. A king card presented itself. That was my husband. I told the Tarot reader that my husband is my supporter, and that we believe in having individual dreams. So with knowing it, but not really addressing it with actions – I still know what I need to do. Turning that knowing into realities. See I can still conquer this house wife life but to truly become that confident proud standing straight up naked woman, I need to enhance myself. I need to release all negatives, all judgments and to believe and openly be proud of who I am. At the end of the reading (within my future) there I was. I was making it happen. Concluding, I was pursuing a possible career in counseling for the Ministry, and or both, I was signing up for that journalism course I've written previously about. I was making steps to go over and lend my services to the Country of Nepal. (A place I have been saving, dreaming and learning about for over a decade) I don't want to be that upside down broken woman. I don't want to be that hypocrite writer that advocates taking action when I can't take action for myself. I preach to my children all the time to do what makes you happy, take those steps.....I personally haven't because I'm that confined house wife and mother. I write my dreams while teaching my children to take theirs. It's time. It's my time. It's my Kings time. We can do everything and anything if we set our minds to it. So thank you to my good friend. She treated me to a reading that could possibly finally change my life, and teach what I preach to our children, to live, experience and take actions to make yourself happy. To be proud of yourself. I can't be my childrens' teacher if I don't start with myself. I'm not just that upside down naked woman......

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