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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The fun continues......

Celebrating my nieces birthday! It was a nice night to see extended family again!
After my nieces birthday dinner I asked my husband if he was interested in a date. A date?! We don't go out together ever. We arranged it with one of our responsible teens to look after the fort while we snuck out. Literally that's what happened. While I was out at my nieces birthday dinner, Gerald was putting the rest of our kids to bed. Then he snuck out of our house and I picked him up out on the road so our dogs wouldn't bark! From there, we didn't know what to do. We usually cruise Walmart looking for specials. lol However this time, I said, "No" So we checked out our local resort. They were having a live blues band playing at "Smoke on the water" However we were only there ten minutes. Then we left finding an abandoned gazebo looking over the marina. Every time children were mentioned, the conversation was dropped and our rule was, to find something else to talk about. Our future endeavors. What did we want for ourselves? For us? It was a nice three hours! 
The next day I visited with a friend (a sister) that I met over thirty years ago! 
Saturday night one of our daughters turned 15! She wanted to go out for sushi for dinner, then we saw the Cinderella movie. It was cute.
Easter Sunday we had all the Grandparents over. Three sets. I made this Easter bunny cake for my granddaughters birthday. We also celebrated her 2nd Birthday on Easter!
 Two turkeys and a lot of food later.....we celebrated. 
 And celebrated.........
Easter Monday we decided to venture out. We went to Milner Gardens.
 I love this picture. A reflection off of the pool water. A gorgeous Easter Monday it was! 

I haven't been writing as much as I used too. I've been preoccupied with all these celebrations, home school, family trips and just planning life. I'm planning summer up until Christmas now. I've even slacked once again on my fitness however I'm back again climbing the Notch while adding push-ups, triceps, and sit-ups. You know - all that fun stuff when you feel like just sitting and staring at the ceiling during the downtime. But that's not me. Living and experiencing is a must!
Our weekend was awesomely busy with celebration after celebration.
That's the way life should be. 

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