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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shifting to another journey......

First off......I want to say I have been sharing through blogging for years. I have been on and off battling if I should continue blogging. I've come to my conclusion. This is not my last post. I fight within, share and hopefully inspire, or if not inspire - allow others to know they're not alone in a world of challenges. I know I, we as a family have A LOT to offer, however I'm finding with my full time homeschooling, adding public school, therapies, endless doctor appointments, surgeries and on and off challenges, and escalating health issues within our immediate family that when I want to share, I want to sleep too, so my posts are limited. SO I want to apologize to all my readers. I'm going to keep my blog open in hopes I can rekindle my writing but for right now - I'm going to focus on my book. I am all for the bucket list. I've seen Oprah. I've tattooed my body to everything that means everything to me..... I have conquered being afraid of judgement. I am living my life freely while teaching my children to be themselves. Too not be afraid of judgments, too not be afraid to seek out opportunities and live their life. I'm a loving mother. I advocate for difference. I accept anything and everything if it's healthy and not harming another. I believe in compassion for all. Tonight I write with a large inhale allowing myself to focus on my bucket list - my book. If you don't hear from me, you know I'm still writing. (I will post more awesome family pictures, more experiences....(smile) - you know us - we've been around) Life is not meant to waste, life is only here momentarily for all of us to enjoy. However my writing is dedicated to my book. To conclude...."Live your best life, start your bucket lists - teach your children to thrive, to live, to just be happy - whatever that may be" Love you all and most importantly love yourself - Me. 

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