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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Ultimate Egg Hunt

To end Spring Break we went on a egg hunt with Momma pig. We weren't sure where we were going. It was an adventure! 
We ended up at a park. Momma pig wanted to have fun on the park slide and forgot all about looking for an egg!
After the park Momma pig needed a break. It was a beautiful day to sit relaxing on the park bench. Momma pig was deep in thought....wondering where would an egg be hiding.  
Momma pig decided it was time to go egg hunting. No more playing at the park, there was no mud to roll in. No more relaxing on the park bench. No more contemplating where an egg would be. "It was time to find one!" During the walk Momma pig met a guitar playing rabbit. 
The guitar playing rabbit was so happy meeting Momma pig that he played several songs and wanted his picture with Momma pig. Momma pig asked the rabbit, "Can you lay an egg?" "No Momma pig but I can play Humpty Dumpty.... that song really cracks me up!"
Momma pig again was off track, the park, the bench and now dancing with a guitar playing rabbit was not helping the egg hunt. While Momma pig ventured on her way she was amazed with all the beautiful blossoms. She sat in a tree looking up enjoying the spring weather once again forgetting about the egg hunt.
Momma pig finally snapped out of her spring trance. Realizing that she became distracted again, she fell out of the tree instantly reminded that pigs can't fly. Momma pig didn't notice any eggs in the tree, nor did she find any birds nests, so she carried on her way.
She decided to look under logs at the beach, she even stayed on task enough to walk along the train tracks in hopes to find an egg. There was nothing but boulders the size of her head. She tried picking up one with no luck. 
Momma pig felt exhausted. The playground, the sight seeing, the searching, and trying to pick up heavy boulders made Momma pig very hungry and thirsty. So Momma pig went out for lunch at a near by retirement home. Momma pig enjoyed eggs with no bacon! She loved visiting and meeting some new friends.
Finally Momma pig gave up. She wasn't going to find an egg anywhere. Momma pig went to Quality Foods and purchased eggxactly what she was looking for!
Momma pig was so happy that she finally found the perfect egg for her friend. She immediately went to her friends bed with the surprise!
 Momma pig watched her friend open the bag, her friend was so happy yelling, "An egg, an egg! Thank you!" The ultimate egg hunt was a success and what a wonderful day it was! 

Happy Easter Weekend!

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