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Monday, March 2, 2015

My oldest - #proudmomma

It's been almost a year since our oldest daughter moved to Vancouver. On Saturday I finally went over and seen her beautiful condo located right in the heart of the city. We spent the whole day together walking the streets, visiting all the trendy places she visits. I saw where she works, and met some of the ladies she works with. Closer to the end of the day my daughter treated me to a manicure, later my daughter's boyfriend, my daughter and I went out for oysters before I caught the ferry home. It was truly a great day. The sun was shining. There was people everywhere smiling and enjoying the last day of February. It was nice to see. My oldest daughter is my first born. She will be twenty five this year. The first to be an adult. One of the first to move successfully out on her own establishing her own place of residence. It's a rewarding transition to see as a parent. I'm very proud of her. I know that it is a very difficult transition to leave home for the very last time and start your own life. As a parent I learned to change my role, to stand back and now allow her life to proceed the way she wants to live. This has happened to all our adult children that have left home. Our roles shifted. I'm still their mother but from afar. I also noticed it's hard on the adult child to transition. It's so exciting and children can't wait to grow up, to be on their own and with their own rules....then all of a sudden when they find out it's not a bed of roses, they start missing home. They miss being a child, and they miss their parents being parents in a more controlled supportive role. I personally think teenage hood is hard however the last transition leaving home and becoming the "real adult" is indeed the hardest. What's really nice for me is spending time with not only my daughter but another sensible adult while knowing how successful she's become. Here is some pictures from our day together.

Our walk through her neighborhood was interesting. I didn't know Davies Street was rainbowed to support gay rights. Good! Below is one of the crosswalks.
Granville Island is only a five minute boat ride from my daughter's condo. We had lunch on a restaurant patio right on the ocean underneath the Granville bridge.
Vancouver is beautiful. We walked the boardwalk. Reminded me of Oahu, Hawaii. 
For the first time ever, I went to a Brewery. Most of the beer was disgusting. (ha ha)
Below is where our oldest daughter works, and the tallest high rise to the right is where she lives looking over every one.
This picture is our oldest daughter, her boyfriend and I out for dinner. Saying, "Good bye, until next time!" 
To conclude, I'm proud of her. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to visit, and to explain how much she means to me, and that I would like to visit more often. I know a lot of my time is focused on our younger children, homeschooling and advocating. I don't ever want to loose connection to my adult children and this day was an example of hopefully more days to come. Love you both and "Thank you" for such a special day! #family #alwaysmom

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