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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Couldn't leave with moment two.....moment three is so much better!

My previous post was going to be my last post before leaving. This is. I didn't want to leave my blog within that moment. I contemplated deleting it however it was a moment I promised I'd share. This is literally my writing outlet, an ongoing book with endless turns of moments, and possible confusion. My daughter and I are ready to go. Every one is as prepared as they can be. The reason why I'm back writing is because I had this enlightenment that I plan on telling myself with every low moment. This enlightenment came from my sister in law up North and I believe this to be true. Here it is....I wasn't put on this earth walking this path if I wasn't strong enough to walk it. If I wasn't strong enough, our littlest daughter wouldn't have been given to us. My sister in law reminded me to cherish what is. It will be hard but "we" get to cuddle her. "We" get to make her giggle. She's our daughter and no longer a child in care. A girl with a family. A family given to her that is determined to give her, her best life possible. So yes, I'm still leaving with lots of emotions, lots of worries but I'm not going to forget who I am, who she is, who we are as a family and why. There is a reason for everything. There is a reason why children are born with difficulties, there is a reason to have challenges throughout our life. I've written before that without challenges, we don't experience and therefore can not gain strength. There is a bigger reason why our daughter has to go through her challenges. Not just to enhance her life. For us; as her parents by her side - it's giving us more experience and more strength to raise her. Perhaps it will give us more experience where we are helping others within our future, helping other parents that feel as helpless as we have sometimes. So I'm leaving this post with a more powerful note....that this is going to be difficult but this is our journey, our family's journey for something bigger for all of us. To conclude, our girl has a big supportive family by her side and a momma that is unstoppable. 

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