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Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Why add more?"

Emily's first angel delivered!
 Collecting shells at the beach deserves a much needed kiss!
 Orders for Emily's Angels!
 Shell collecting ended up with us playing in the leaves! Welcome Fall!
 Two of our sons passed their belt test! Yellow belts! 

 There is something to be said about having a busy life. Many people ask, "How do we do it?" or "Why?" "Why add more to an already busy life!?" There is no easy answer on how. We adapt. We start at 7 am and we don't end our day until bedtime. With our daily routine life works. It's truly a dedication. Now if we weren't busy enough, we have launched Emily's Angels in hopes to not only bring awareness for Cerebral Palsy but to hopefully collect enough donations to purchase our daughter an all terrain jogging stroller so she can continue to enjoy the great outdoors hiking with her family. Making these angels has taken my mind off of our daughter's upcoming surgery. Keeping busy has its perks. I don't have time to worry nor dwell on tomorrow. Making the angels with my family and friends keep me focused on our daughter's future. Our littlest daughter has changed our lives. She is this beautifully innocent little girl that yells, "Hello" to everyone. As much as she is complex, she is this sweet simplistic little girl who lights up a room. She touches every ones heart. When anyone comes to our home she will yell, "You're home now!" A very welcoming loving person who deserves to experience life, and to enjoy everything life has to offer. Our daughter's happiness is our dedicated mission we will conquer. "Why add more?!" It's important for all of us to have purpose. Mine has always been for my family, and right now it's for my angel, Emily. To insure that she continues to smile, and to hopefully ease her recovery by adding what she loves. That's why I've also started her an Elmo and Peppa the Pig folder. If you're interested, or your child is interested in drawing pictures for Emily's "Happy Folder" please msg me for our address. No child should endure what some children do (diseases, life changing diagnoses and surgeries) It breaks my heart. My chest hurts, and I develop knots in my throat just thinking about what's to come for our baby girl. I know the feeling of being helpless as a mother. Emily's angels is not only bringing awareness, or helping to fund a jogging stroller, it's keeping this momma focused. Emily's "Happy Folder" will not only help Emily smile during her recovery, it will help me feel like I'm doing everything possible to comfort her. This is why I add more to our life, we need too. 
A quote I like states, "You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it" 
I believe the above quote to be true. I believe all our challenges in life are there for a reason. We learn from our experiences, our strengths come from our pain and there's always a light at the end. I am anxious to see that light.......

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