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Thursday, September 4, 2014

"A family team feeling"

In our Province there has been a public school strike. Four of our public school children haven't been back to school. Every family is affected if their children are attending a public school system. I'm not going to write about the politics nor add my opinion about this strike. However for our family, our four children that are "in waiting" to go back to school are definitely confused. They are anxious. So because I home school seven and we started September 2nd on time, I've incorporated our four waiting public students into our home schooling program. They've been reflecting on their summer and writing summer journals. We are going to start an art/science project involving the human body, how it works, why....and on where organs are located. I'm excited for this project because we are going to make each organ and learn by velcro parts where it's placed within the paper body we're making. I personally love how amazing our bodies are, AND learning about our bodies is the first step into learning on how to save our lives. After our body project, there is an excellent craft to make and understand our brain. Our four lobes and what each is intended for. Our frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal lobes! I love homeschooling. Can you say, "Exciting!" During our first week not only have a organized, structured and developed routines for everyone, and everything - we also started collecting shells. (Pictures provided above) All sizes and different types. We plan on making nature crafts, and including Christmas crafts and hopefully (according to plan) renting a table at our local Christmas craft fair. I think this is a perfect opportunity to teach our children about working (making the crafts) then to communicate out in public while handling money. "So many life skills" So during the public school strike we are surviving and most importantly continuing to learn. I've been feeling pretty OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) lately for education. And when I write about educating my children, I educate what I think will be helpful within their futures. It's as simple as that. Most important thoughts to remember, we are all unique learners. We all have different interests. The trick is.....finding that interest, twisting it in that unique way where education is developing a successful future for our children. Honestly, the only reason why we have four of our children remaining in our public system is solely for their friendships. Otherwise, homeschooling is ultimately the way to teach if you can. For us, we don't have over crowded classrooms. We have (right now) seven enrolled home schooled students, four EA's, a teacher that oversees, three therapists and myself. I present what I would like our children to learn. Our children do follow the BC Curriculum (while meeting all their PLO's for graduation) Our teacher and I interview our EA's. I have 100% communication at all times. I work a long side when I can. Everyone is like family, and everyone comes to our home. It's busy.....but when we all can sit down at the kitchen table for lunch - it's a family team feeling. I know many parents that would like to home school is afraid. I was. With anything, it's a new transition and honestly above all, even above books - experience is key. To conclude, I have no doubt this is the our right path.......and a thought to ponder for yours. 

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