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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Amazing weekend - Photo reflection!

Our weekend was great. Saturday a friend and I brought some of our children to a local lake. I just can't believe we are still swimming outdoors in the middle of September! During our time at the lake there was a bat. I never saw a bat fly during the day. I had a feeling we were in its territory. It would come out of this tree (seen below) then fly above us and back to the tree again, several times. In the middle of this tree is the little bat that I believe is screaming at me with its mouth open. After our lake adventure, my husband and a few of our boys attended the year end races with a firework ending. 
 We love Cameron Lake. The home of the mysterious lockness monster. 
 We ventured back to the "Hole in the wall" on Sunday!
 I love this picture of my grandbabe. The sun beams are shining down on her while she looks up with amazement....or confusion. lol
 We decided to hike further and we stumbled upon hundreds of Inukshuks. I personally thought I was in a different land. It was amazing. A little tid-bit about me is, I build Inukshuks everywhere I go. (When I have time that is) Inukshuk means "in the likeness of a human" a formation showing someone was there. So when we came around the corner along the river and I saw this - it was truly amazing. I then quickly told our children, "Do not touch" It's disrespectful to knock someones creation over.
 Literally they we everywhere!

 Then further down the trail we found another waterfall that you could shower under. There was a rope swing available and some of our children swung and dropped into the deep clear swimming hole below. Standing back I immediately thought we were in Fiji. This place has a magical feeling, and I can not wait to go back!
 In the below picture is some of us enjoying our day hike. We had some rough terrain but it didn't stop us getting to our destination. A destination we didn't even know existed! 
 Leaving you with this reminder. If you're having a rough day, remember your heart is beating - that does mean we're alive for a reason. Don't give up....take life day by day. We do. "We have too" AND today was a prime example of how amazing life can be.

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