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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Service! Day 10!

Day four we travelled from Quesnel to Fort St. John. We started at 8am and reached my sister in laws house by 3:30pm. At the beginning of this trip I worried about how our children would travel especially my littlest daughter. They were amazingly great! Right from our arrival at my sister in laws house, my children and theirs had a blast together driving quads and swimming in their pool. My husband's brother looks identical to my husband. Many of our children came to me expressing that their uncle looks like their dad! It's uncanny. My sister in law lives in between Fort St. John and Dawson Creek, basically out in the middle of no where with no internet service. It's weird for me not to text and keep in touch with the rest of the world. (The only way I sent this post was connecting into a wifi area when we were in one of the cities) On Friday (our fifth day) we went to their local river to swim. The rivers here aren't like our rivers at home. They're very muddy. In fact it's a completely different atmosphere but our children enjoyed themselves with their cousins. At night a mother fox screams at my sister in laws cat. This fox had babies, and she's in protection mode screaming throughout the night well into the early morning. It must be exhausting. It's interesting what changes fourteen hours makes with land distance. Everything is different. Today is our tenth day gone. We just left my sister in laws place. Most of our days have consisted of twenty nine children. Eleven of mine, thirteen of my sisters and five from my sister's friend. It's amazing on how well all our children behaved and got a long. It's like a day that hasn't past since they seen each other last. It's been five years!. Too long. From daily swimming, endless playing outdoors, to wiener roasts at night, card games and while dying all our hair different colours, our children have reconnected. I successfully delivered the dirt bike to my son and we had great visits with him. He's very happy living up here, and from his words, “It's forever” I definitely miss my family up here in the North. It was a sad departure. There was a reason years ago why we moved up was for family, for similarities, and support. My sister in law (known as my sister) and her family is non judgemental, and unconditionally loving with a open heart and home. I sure do love them and I hate the fact I'm an Aunty from a far......nonetheless, our miles between us hasn't separated our connection together, that has been evident during our stay. Sunday (Our seventh day) My children and I headed to Dawson Creek to visit a birth Grandpa, his twin and a birth uncle that we haven't seen in over six years. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was hopeful that our visit will be a positive one, and it was! We cried saying our “Goodbyes” Below I'm sharing a few pictures of some of us caught on camera! My next post is coming “tonight!” Even if I haven't slept and drove eight hours today! - dedicated blogger with horrible grammar is back! SERVICE is a wonderful invention we should not take for granted! I felt like I was Robyn Williams off of the movie RV wandering around wishing for service (ha ha) .... To conclude, my husband's birthday was on July 6th! Happy Belated Birthday to my husband Gerald back home! An amazing dedicated husband and father!
The Northern River
 Some of us playing basketball
 Enjoying dinner outside
 Doing hair! Yes I have a blue patch!
Dinner tables inside 

 My son living in and loving the North!
 Just some of our two families at Charlie Lake! Believe it or not, we are missing MANY of our family members!

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