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Saturday, July 19, 2014

No place like home.......this & a little bit of that!

We have been going on day trips since we've been home from our road trip. We had a beautiful day at our local beach, a great day at our friends house and we were able to go boating for the afternoon. Other then that, I have slipped in a doctors appointment while focusing on writing letters about our community wheelchair swing. It's currently still being ramified. More signs are being placed to hopefully educate for it's intended use. The problem will still remain....if anyone is using the swing without a wheelchair, the swing will become damaged and it's a liability for our city. I hope with publicity and with constant reminders, the swing will forever be a part of our community. There is no date on when the swing will be usable until all the solutions are met. Us parents are the voice for our children, and for their futures. There was a time I was very reserved, very opinion was my own. Thankfully after adoption (ha ha) I've found my voice. I believe in forever homes for children, I advocate for not only adoption, for large families. I also advocate and support children with special needs. It's amazing how my personality shifted from this quiet, very hippy, "Everything happens for a reason" type person. I still believe everything happens for a reason but that doesn't mean we as parents, as human beings need to sit still and be "ok" with it. Action is louder then words. Now I am this easy going semi-reserved type person as I was but with an opinion and a voice, that has full on action when it comes to what I believe in, and what I'm passionate for. Simply advocating for adoption, supporting special needs, and of course my family and friends. Besides all this advocating, Friday I spent the day with my second oldest daughter. It was nice. I truly enjoy the maturity of our grown adult children. I've been feeling very proud of our four young adults.......they all have become these independent individuals moving forward with their lives. Definitely an interesting transition for their mother to witness. It's crazy saying this, but it's weird that we're only actively parenting twelve children. While our family branches out, our home becomes less crowded. In fact, we're starting to question, "What will we do with a home with thirteen bedrooms in our future!?" mmmmmm

Mmmm....Do you think we need a bigger boat!?
Momma and Daughter Date Night!

Keep strong, love unconditionally, have compassion, learn to forgive, accept differences and everything else falls into place - Me. 

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