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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Family Connection

After eight hours of driving on Day 10 we are sitting in a hotel in Williams Lake. Honestly, this has been a great trip. Easier then I thought. Most people think I'm crazy to go on a road trip across BC with eleven children. In fact I thought I was. Although I do have to clarify and explain my crazy road trip. My children were awesome and extremely helpful. The birth families we visited a long our way were positive and every time we meet, I learn so much more. Our family we stayed with for a few days is family I would definitely want to live closer too but (sorry) not in the north. I love the endless skies, the beautiful scenery and vibrant colors. I love the wildlife and the whistling of the poplar trees but I'm a southern girl with the ocean by my side. We stopped in Prince George (not sure what day) and we visited my cousin. We have been managing several visits from everywhere. This trip wasn't just a road trip, or to build those childhood memories I always write about. It was for family connection and that's priceless. I've learned not to dwell on the financial, not to look back on the past....I've simply learned to keep connected. Here I am, day 10.....semi-tired sitting in a hotel in Williams Lake while our children relax watching tree house as I'm reminiscing already. "I love the people in our life" This road trip has been amazing....well except for the diarrhea and urine accidents today! AND the van air conditioning that doesn't work (after being fixed) lol Oh well....I recovered after the cleaning (laughing as I drove), and the natural air conditioning from open windows work somewhat...... I never cry over spilled milk and most of the incidences in our life is just that - a little spilled milk - nothing worth stressing over. Day 11 we will be in Mission. Visiting one of my favourite Uncles. Closer to homeward bound. I'm wishing everyone a wonderful "What day is it?!" While remembering, "If we can - you can - do anything!"  Experiencing life! Most importantly experience it with people you love. ((Hugs to each and everyone)) Now I definitely need to shower, and vegetate before another long haul...........and I can't express enough on how proud I am of my eleven road trip children. I'm just in "awe" over our past two weeks, I can't express enough on how important people are, cherish who you know, who you love, and who supports you. I have so many stories I could share during this time but keeping it quick and simple, I know (like many of us know) that we're all important. Just remember that each and every day. To conclude, call someone (text, email, whatever) that you haven't lately - don't get tied down with what you think are necessities because at the end of the day it doesn't matter and it could have waited. People can't. I spent a few days with a young lady that lost her siblings, I spent a few hours with my cousin who's battling cancer, we reconnected with a birth grampa who isn't sure if he'll be alive next week.....and no success or materials in the world can replace a loved's time for people to reach out to one another, to be together, to experience that's all I have to say in this town. Now we're Mission bound...........more family here we come!

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