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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shrimp & snap pea couscous green curry

I haven't written a recipe in a long time. In fact, I use to write recipes all the time. Tonight for mine and my husbands 13th anniversary I made a wonderful dinner because as you might suspect - having as many children as we do consists of not leaving our home together. So we celebrated with a homemade cooked meal by me. I like to experiment in the kitchen and this dish was completely simple but "tasteful" Very quick and easy to prepare. I even explained to our children (12) tonight that this dinner could be a $10.00-15.00 plate somewhere! Everyone ate and enjoyed every bite! I'm also writing on our anniversary but heh, regardless if I folded 10 loads of laundry, cleaned our house, made a wonderful "eggs in the basket" plus a pizza lunch and we both ran errands all day, it was a good day. The uniqueness of mine and my husbands time is we don't expect much from anyone or each other. For us we're confidant and our celebration is remaining together forever for us and our children. Now this recipe.............scrumptious. I recently was introduced to a filler called couscous. Couscous is a North African Berber dish of Semolina. A staple food throughout Africa. It's a grain based product that resembles tiny little wheat balls. The Pearl Harvest brand I used was mixed with couscous, orzo pasta, baby garbanzo beans and red Quinoa. All tiny little pieces mixed together. Tonight I made, what I would name.......Shrimp & Snap pea couscous green curry. See below...........

Shrimp & snap pea couscous green curry  (reduced into a smalled (3) person portion) So add accordingly.

1-1/2 cups couscous
8 cloves diced garlic
cup & a half of snap peas
2 cups prawns/shrimp
1 can coconut milk
3 tbs of green curry
1/2 cup brown sugar
7-8 dashes of fish sauce
7-8 dashes of hot sauce ( add more to taste)

Gently fry garlic, add snap peas, prawns and continue to fry, (2-3 minutes) add coconut milk, green curry, brown sugar, fish sauce, hot sauce and couscous. Simmer until couscous is cooked. Approximately 15 minutes.

Because I was experimenting, I didn't get carried away. Although I could of added onions, or green onions, tomatoes, red peppers, you name can be added. You just need to be careful with the amount of couscous to the amount of other products with the liquid content. When I cook, I don't even measure. I have an idea on what is needed to create a certain consistency.

With this recipe, of course I made it larger and I served it with Caesar salad. The Caesar salad I make is homemade. You make the dressing during the morning. So it sits all day before adding to the romaine lettuce. You will not find this in any restaurant and I prefer this Caesar salad over any other. Here it is.

Famous Caesar Salad

1/2 cup Bertolli extra virgin olive oil. (It has to be Bertolli extra virgin olive oil)
1 egg
8-10 diced garlic cloves
a cap and a half full of pure lemon juice
7-8 squirts of Worcestershire
salt and pepper

Stir this mixture, let sit for the day. Or a couple hours at least in the fridge. You can use 2-3 heads of romaine lettuce depending on size. Two large heads for sure. Add Parmesan cheese, take out prepared dressing (mix) and add to lettuce - serve and eat right away. It's delicious.

Mmmm.........Bon Appetite. A nice meal. Now it's time to wish my husband a "Happy Anniversary" His card says" It's you and me together forever...a challenge maybe but definitely worth the effort!

13 years! Cheers! Together 15 years and together we will stay.......................................................

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