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Sunday, August 19, 2012

"In the palm of my hand"

We've been camping with some friends. In fact this summer we've been camping a lot and with several friends that we've become close with through our adoption world. The nice part is our children and their children all accept each other and have each other as not only friends but for support. Never is there any scenarios that are out of control. This last camping trip was at our friends lot on a lake. Between us two ladies, we had fifteen children between us. Believe me or not, it was easy. All our children had fun. (Mostly swimming) My fondest memory for this little trip was sitting on my friends bed with her at night chatting while every child was sleeping. I have one handful of friends I can clearly think of that puts a smile on my face. We can share, we can trust and they're a part of our family. I feel like an "Aunty" to many as clearly blood means absolutely nothing to families like us. Its whose important, and remains connected with love. "The bond that links your true family is not one of blood , but of respect and joy in each other's life" - Richard Bach. After camping we went boating with our littlest sons previous foster parents. Once a year during the summer they come for a visit. Their children never tubed before. Everything we do as a family becomes "sometimes" unappreciative because it's so accustomed to our children. It was nice to witness and give other children the opportunity to experience what we take for granted. (I pointed this out of course to our children that were complaining how boring boating was that day) Every family dynamics is different, ours is completely active on a daily basis with constant stimulation from riding a peddle bike to driving a go-cart to hopping into monster trucks to hanging on behind a boat! We don't believe time should be wasted. With that time, it should be spent with people who we love. Our summer has been just that! Family, friends, extended family, foster parents and birth family - its been a roller coaster that we don't want to get off! The individuals that know they're in my palm of my hand, "Thank you" so much for being and continuing to be in our family's life. For me, you're as special and dear to my heart as any other. As beautiful as a flower. A gift in our life. An honor and treasure I will always hold tight. Just a moment I've had this morning while reflecting over our summer, thinking about everyone who truly matters. Feels good to have you regardless if it's a short time or a forever time - I appreciate the individuals in our family's life. Have a great day, "We're thinking about you!"

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