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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Rock My Island

"Hello every one!" I wanted to update you on how great "Rock My Island" has been! AND I have been busy! Here is a few samples from my home based store! If you're interested in following more creations, "Rock My Island" has its own FB page! Like and follow my page! There is unique gifts for any occasion! I can also attempt custom orders! Seen below is a few for your viewing pleasure! 

Monarch Butterfly
 Ship wrecked!
 Oscar the owl

 The rock fish!
 Pole dancer
 Another Monarch Butterfly
 This was a custom order. Mail delivered Ele just recently!
 A beautiful blue hummingbird
 John 11
 Want a snowman without the snow!? These are my "Moofiss" collection!
 We attended two craft fairs in December! See my little helper!?
 Brown Bear
 Love feather with a real owl feather and a little Vancouver Island inside.
 I have lots of different unique Vancouver Island art pieces! You will need to come see!
 I have lots of different Blue Herons!
 Be different!
 This whale tale is one of my favs...
 A wise little owl, with a real soft owl feather.
 A Elk
 I have several different mermaids!

I have lots of other art pieces. If you're local, msg me and come visit! If you're off Vancouver Island and are interested in supporting a beginner artisan, follow my FB page, "Rock My Island" and "some" pieces can ship. 

Stay tuned, I plan on writing my annual year end post! 

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