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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Our spider web

It was an interesting summer. We had family arrive. Five of our boys went to camp. We went on day adventures. Attended a few concerts. I tried to spend some time alone. Then two of my oldest sons and I went to Mexico where I had my teeth worked on. I met new friends. All in all it was a decent summer without any medical situations going on. It was refreshing and different. A summer we needed. Now that it's September, I'm back homeschooling seven and we have three Elementary students in public school. We have become football parents to our one son, while juggling driving others to and from work. Other sports will soon emerge throughout the year. During my downtime, I am getting ready for my first Christmas craft fair in November for my crafting business “Rock My Island” and slowly but surely starting to write my book. Pole fitness I continue once a week.....while practicing on my own poles at home. It's completely crazy thinking about what you can get done in a day. From 7am to midnight daily it's non stop. For me, productivity is a must. From baking, cooking, cleaning, homeschooling to beach combing, field trips, driving, sports, appointments, fitness, education to crafting to gardening – you name it, it's accomplished daily. My husband and I are both like this. Work. Productivity. Proactive. Dedicated. Routines. Structure. Organized. Hence why our life just molds into a nicely defined pot of bronze. lol Don't get me can be dysfunctional. Crazy. Stressful and exhausting but its a day by day deliverance. Facing challenges as they come and sometimes by storm like Gerald's health or teenagers searching for their independence. Definitely our life, “our home” is like a spider web of directions. Our path can be sticky, we can be caught at times fighting harder then before to stay on track but we always persevere. The trick and my advise is; “Don't ever give up” “Get up, move one foot in front of the proactive for not only your family, for yourself” “Own your feelings. Share your feelings....don't ever be ashamed of your feelings” “Be true with everything that you do for others and for yourself” Most importantly, “Learn to listen” That I remind myself every day and as I age, I'm getting better at just listening to others. Everybody's perspective is different and regardless if it's right or wrong, listening to someone is one of the most important things you can do. So as we move into fall, weaving through our spider web we're embracing the colder weather. We are looking forward to tomorrow. To living and experiencing. We will continue moving forward with our glass always full. We all need to embrace life and each other. After this post...and before homeschooling.....I'm going to call (not text) and acknowledge people that I love. Start your day there and continue to make this day and every day your best proactive day possible. Love to you all and “Happy Fall” 

That's me! Living and experiencing life from the sky! - "You can too!"

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