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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Update - May 9th

It's been so long since I wrote. Between homeschooling, the public schools, all my duties plus adding painting, pole dancing now gardening, planning for summer while juggling endless medical appointments, my writing has been on the back burner. What's new with us!? I'm not exactly sure where to begin. So I might be all over the place. The garden we are building is going to be eight large raised beds enclosed with a locking entrance to protect it from rabbits, deer, dogs and children. Most of our children are going to have their own garden space however it needs to be supervised due to the fact one sibling might become jealous of anothers growth SO you just never know what could happen. Supervision is a must with all things. Regardless it's going to be epic! 

I wrote a post years and years ago located on here about other parents housing teenagers. Usually these individuals are well known to the community however there is nothing any one can do unless there is criminal activity. It's quite an issue as these parents are literally harming other peoples children while supplying and partying with these under age children. You would think this would be criminal. It's not unless someone is hurt, causing a disturbance and or caught with the legal substances. We as parents are legally responsible however there is nothing we can do. Go figure. Anyhow the reason I bring this up is because I know of a home in our community that is just this and if you're someone living in our district and missing a teenager for example, I might have the location. The more police documentation the better. I truly believe us parents that are concerned what our youth is up too, should stick together. So if you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

It's been almost two years since my husband Gerald was deathly ill with MRSA. To date it has left him with spinal and nerve damage causing severe chronic pain and every day there's something different to awaken too. Which includes facial migraines, chronic muscle spasms all over internally and externally. Hypertension, extreme bouts of exhaustion, dizzy spells that drop him to the floor, food that doesn't stay down and the list goes on. He is at high risk for relapse, having a stroke and a heart attack. To date his blood levels were extremely high for a heart attack. It's an ugly diagnoses with no cure except hope. With that we take our life one day at a time as every day can look different. However it is frustrating to say the least. For me I can't help but wonder if today is the day where we loose such a beloved dedicated man. It's just what I witness while adding a little PTSD I suppose. For our children, they witness that he's not well but they seem to be resilient while moving forward on their own paths. Life is so unpredictable and we really need to cherish every minute...and cherish every one. We can't loose sight of this. 

Now that it's May (I can't believe it) We as a homeschooling group are prepping for the 5km foam run on June 10th! It's going to be interesting. lol We start at 11am that day and it's located here in Nanoose Bay. It's a huge fun event for all. You don't have to be in the messy obstacle race, you can come and cheer us on! There will be food vendors, music and I even heard a beer garden. So literally for every one! We will be designing our own shirts and it will definitely be a fun great post to write about next month while adding our pictures! It's a great way to end our homeschooling year! 

To conclude for now.....I wish every one health and happiness. It's the most important two facts we need in our lives. Except for eating. Eating is good. Especially seafood. I would love Lobster right now! lol

Remember...."Start each day with a grateful heart" and "Every day is a second chance" - so lets make the best of it. "Love to all" 

And "May the 4th continue to be with you!"


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