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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It is the place!

I have a few written posts "saved" and not posted because I have been really enjoying our great outdoors. I wanted to share these beautiful photos with you instead. The picture below is on our way to Tofino. The ongoing rushing river is always roaring.

 This picture is of love locks. People have been engraving locks and locking them to designated fencing all over the world. 
 Below is a picture of the West Coast in Ucluelet. It's truly amazing to just sit and observe the energy and force of our universe. I love it so much!
 Chesterman's Beach. A more secluded calmer area. 
 Below is a picture of where we hiked. A complete mud bog. There is many sections with warning signs of extreme sinking. It reminded me of quick sand territory.  
 And this is where we hiked out too. A war plane that went down in 1945, twelve passengers survived. It's surreal hiking upon its resting site located near Tofino.
 Truthfully - a must see!
 If you're in Tofino, definitely try the Tacofino bus. It's excellent. 
Below is a quote so true. You know.....many people constantly ask me how I cope with all our challenges. Daily I educate my children that the outdoors truly heals. It is peaceful and surreal. It might not take a challenge or life trial away, but it might help put you back into perspective and on the right path. The great outdoors - it is the place! 

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