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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Victory

We have a new addition in our home! The HMS Victory! A ship that was launched on May 7th, 1765 out of the Chatham Dockyard. This ship has honors and awards from the particpation in the first battle of Ushant in 1778, the second battle of Ushant in 1781, the battle of Cape Spartel in 1782, the battle of Cape St Vincent in 1797 and the battle of Trafalgar in 1805. It's a 104- gun first rate ship of the line, weighs approximately 3,556 tons and it's over all length is 227 ft 6 inches. It's a beautifully designed full-rigged ship that has a maximum speed of 15-17 km an hour. The Victory served an unusual long service. In 1922 the Victory was placed into dry dock where she remains today with the title of the oldest commissioned war ship in the world at the National Museum Royal Navy in Portsmouth. This model scale replica took over six years to build by my father and it now resides in our home for every one to admire. Our children have been admiring the detail and we're all proud to have this on display. I plan on adapting the Victory in a homeschooling project and a history lesson. This model isn't just a model, it's not just history, it's our children's grandfathers hard work and dedication. His time, and his patience with every delicate little detail. It's not only just craftsmanship, or a part of the British history, it was a part of my Dads. We feel very honored to have this in our home. For our children to admire and say, "My grandfather built this!" We have several important and sentimental pieces in our home including paintings from my husband's grandmother and my mother. I have these beautiful acoustic guitars that I need to learn to play my mother gave me. She's extremely talented with art and music. You know, I'm not at all materialistic. However I am completely sentimental. I appreciate my parents, my family and my friends. I know eventually that we won't be here but our history will. I want my children to continue to share, admire and remember. Thank you to every one that has provided a piece of themselves for us to cherish, we will continue to pass these beautiful creations from generation to generation in hopes it remains in our family. Seen below is the Victory. Pictures do not give it any justice. So you will have to come and visit, and admire it in person. 

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