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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Support Syrians

We started decorating for Christmas. I'm finding it strange. Since we literally missed the summer season time seems faster then ever. December!? What!? We carry on, day by day doing what we do best. “Following the seasons” Our life hasn't been the same. Having a sick husband is difficult. The future is more unknown then ever. Then I feel so grateful we're alive, we have a home, clothing and food. Lately following the news it's been so sad. Daily people are dying. Children are suffering. Racism is escalating. I feel our complaints are extremely minimal. I feel selfish writing how I feel on a computer that I own while safely sitting in my home. Decorating for Christmas. Suddenly our situation doesn't seem so significant anymore. Missing a season means absolutely nothing. I've been following peoples opinions and/or judgments on how we shouldn't allow Syrian refugees into our Country. The ongoing debate makes me sick. I completely understand every ones concerns about the terrorists and on how this could potentially be dangerous for our Country. However if this was your family, your children, wouldn't you want safety? I have read over twelve million people have fled and half of those people are children. These children are malnourished, exploited and abused. These people are human beings that need our world's help. I understand that we all need to protect our own but seriously? When did it become our own? Where is the compassion? We would open our home in an instant. If it was your family, you would too. I really think people need to rethink what they're posting on the internet. What they're quickly concluding too. I understand the fear. I fear for our future almost everyday WITH a roof over our heads. Imagine fearing what your next meal is, or if your children will survive the night and worse. It saddens me to hear that people would close their doors. I know we have our own homeless on the street. I have heard comments, “Take care of our own” Our own? I detest that comment. People are forgetting that we are all people living on one divided planet that shouldn't be divided in the first place. We are all so selfish. I know this is a huge debate and many wouldn't agree with me. Even family and friends. I'm not afraid to say how I feel, and I'm sad that our world is so corrupt. That people are dying daily and we can just wash our hands of it. So my thoughts today are for the refugees. Their suffering. I hope that people start opening their doors, their hearts – face their fears and support each other and remember we are all human beings. Stop spreading hate and racism. That only comes from ignorance and fear. Think about it – if we all supported and worked towards peace, eventually we will win. To conclude, you might think I'm naive, or out of my mind crazy but we all are.... if you think that we are safe ourselves from the same pictures below and if that day comes, you would hope too for an open heart. 


  1. Yes! Let's support refugees in any way we can. Canada open our hearts and lives to support others. Thanks for echoing my heart Carrie!

  2. Yes Carrie! You have said everything I have been thinking and feeling for a long time know. This especially hits me hard because my dad and his side of the family are Syrian. My grandparents immigrated from Syria. We are all family!!

  3. Yes Carrie! You have said all the thoughts and feelings I have been having in the past few weeks. This especially hits me hard because my Dad is Syrian and his parents immigrated here from Syria. I am open to everyone!