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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Celebrating family Dec 10th

I can't believe it's that time of year again. I feel as we get older time passes quickly. That being said, we always coast through the season. December 10th is our annual Christmas party. This is an important year. Without writing too much detail, I am hoping that every one can attend and families that haven't, come out and join the party. We are having a craft table set up making Christmas cards and tree ornaments. We will have a scheduled talent show (our group will be providing “hopefully” laughter with our skit) We will be having a makeup and nail table that two beautiful girls will be running. A photography table so you can have your moments with family and friends captured for a keepsake and share with others. Of course Santa will be arriving, so it's important that you bring a labelled present with your child's first and last names written clearly for Santa's bag! It is a potluck! Bring your favourite dish to share for at least one hundred people! (Just kidding) We will have prizes! Our prizes this year have been donated from our local businesses throughout our community and I have to say, some have been generous! One prize alone includes a family photo shoot worth $175.00! We are also having an adult gift exchange. The idea is any one who would like to participate brings a gift. From there, gifts are stolen throughout the night. The gift you're left with at the end of the night is yours. Older teens can join with our adult gift exchange if they don't want to sit on Santa's knee! Originally we started running this Christmas party for adoptive families. So we can connect, relate and befriend. Lately as years have passed, I have recommended that extended family members attend, friends of adoptive families, interested potential adoptive parents and now we have extended our party invites to all families. I understand on how important it is for adoptive families to connect, to seek support and for our children to seek support with each other. We can relate in ways that some families can't. Many of our children have special needs and including attachment disorders and mental illnesses. However as our adoption journey has come to an end (re-adopting) and we have grown with each other, we feel that we need to just strengthen as a family without labels. With that being said, “we are what we are” we just want to extend ourselves to others that need support too. Raising any child while needing support within our society is a huge undertaking. I believe we should celebrate our unique individuality. Embrace our strengths. Persevere and learn through our weaknesses. Teach unconditional love and acceptance. Meet and support each other through celebrating togetherness. It doesn't matter where we came from. We need each other. We need support to feel we're not alone through whatever challenge it may be. So let's unite! December 10th starting at 4 pm at the Nanoose Place Hall! If you have any other questions and or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at We are looking forward to seeing or meeting you! A magical evening for all! 

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