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Monday, December 14, 2015

Dec 14th - some words and reflection!

I will admit that we have been busy! Slightly hectic around here juggling December! To the point where it doesn't matter if I'm driving around like this!
 However, sometimes the hectic lifestyle all folds into place! Three of our girls were ready for our Christmas party and anxiously waiting for our departure!
 Then we have a few of our boys that are calm, cool and all together collected!
 Family is so important. Seen below is our two older sons (brothers) forever into adulthood!
 Santa is always a great surprise! Seen below is our youngest daughter ecstatic with his arrival! 
 And seen below is our youngest son listening to Santa's story. Our Santa is a long time family friend, he has known me since I was born. Now he remains in our family as this magical special Santa. Our elf this year was a beautiful friend inside and out. She's also an amazing friend on whom our children call, "Aunty Kelly"
 Once again, my sister (Aunty Laura) made a cake for our party! A cute snowman!
 Seen below is my brother in law, myself, our elf  and my sister!
 We managed to supply more then enough prizes! And thank you to a few friends that donated, and helped during this process! I appreciate absolutely everything. Making children smile during a magical evening is an event I hope and wish to continue!
 The talent show was fun. Thank you to my mother (Verna) for continuing to support her grandson with his love for music, and all our amazing beautiful teachers that support our family too! 
 Me - "I've learned to love myself first, then I can take better care of every one else second"
 Seen below is one of our sons (Austin) With perseverance, and a lot of persuading, nudging, semi-arguing through the duration - he has a great job and now is his own driver! Proud of him, because after all....we know our children have what it takes to succeed! They just need to go out there and get it! 

 The glue!
You know....we have had many serious challenges in our marriage. And now while still fighting illness we have come closer together then ever. My message is; if we can survive, you can! Life isn't meant to be easy. It's a rocky road, and it's a road worth fighting for. Remember, you are stronger together. Relationships are work, and at the end of raising children, we are left with each other. I've learned my husband is my best friend. 

 Merry Christmas and wishing every one a healthy 2016! 

"Live & Love"

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